Ways to Make an Impressive and Competitive Website

Ways to Make an Impressive and Competitive Website

SEO can improve the online presence of any business by keeping it healthy and competitive. Go through this article to understand SEO and how to use it to make a website competitive:

Always think about UX

If you want to attract customers and improve their overall browsing experience, you need to improve UX.


  • Use high quality pictures.
  • Reduce the number of clicks to complete a task.
  • Ask for sign ups.
  • Provide special offers.
  • Focus on the elements of design.

Use Google Search Console

It’s a great tool that is designed to provide complete information (actionable reports, tools, and a wide variety of learning resources) about a website’s health. You must use it to improve the performance of a website.


Focus on Google My Business profile

No doubt, a Google My Business profile is key to success for local SEO. It’s completely free and enables you to attract local customers. It is ideal for small business owners.


  • Claim your listing.
  • Use actual business name as well as choose the correct categories.
  • Update your opening hours and phone number.
  • Use quality pictures and encourage reviews.


According to Google, if you use HTTPS instead of HTTP your website may experience a minor ranking boost. In other words, Google prefers websites that are trusted as well as certified. Hence, use HTTPS for safe and secure transactions.


  • Increased rankings
  • Security and privacy


  • Understand the difference  between HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Obtain the most suitable certificate for your website.

Use high quality Backlink Checker tools

As an optimiser, you should use quality backlink checker tools. You must use them to identify total number of backlinks and referring domains.


  • Identify New/Lost Backlinks.
  • Study trust flow.
  • Determine top anchor terms.

Bonus tips:

  • Use high-volume keywords.
  • Improve page load speed.
  • Educate yourself and test your tactics.
  • Always try out new things and measure your success.

So, focus on all the above mentioned SEO factors and make your website strong and competitive.

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