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Today Infotech is India’s leading Best Digital Marketing Company. We are a Digital marketing agency in Jaipur and we offer a full range of internet marketing services. Right from the conceptualization and strategy to the final stage of implementation, we implement the entire internet marketing strategy. Because we use 360-degree digital marketing, our services include web design, search engine optimizationsocial media marketingpay-per-click advertising and content marketing services. Our approach is based on research, target audiences, website content, competitor analysis and more. We are a leading Best SEO company in Jaipur providing unrivaled SEO Services in Jaipur India at an affordable cost. In addition, our search engine optimization services are tailored to meet your individual needs. You can choose from several SEO packages at your request, or contact us if you need to customize your quotes.

We deliver our services and develop every website with a new ideology and innovative concepts. We do not restrict our intelligent team to a specific field or sector as we have our wings spread in all the industries and sectors like travel, hospitality, education, food, technical, software, E-commerce, etc. From the beginning to end we support them with every solution possible and give the best suggestions relevant to your business. Through the process of developing the website for various industries, we plan and implement our strategy effectively and efficiently. Today Infotech is like a new hope for all the start-ups and businesses who want to develop their websites and reach their targeted audience through mobile apps and other digital marketing strategies. We always were a king of our industry by giving your industries an expert service.



How our SEO Experts can help

How our SEO Experts can help

If you are looking for professional SEO services in USA then Today Infotech is where you need to be. A good SEO strategy increases your business’s online visibility. SEO experts at Today Infotech produce propriety strategies that are guaranteed to perform. We have talented, experienced and professional SEO team. We have worked along with Brands and Small sized business. We believe in long-term relationship with clients and we assure that your web pages gain top positions on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We as best SEO company provides you the following and more upon your demands:-

SEO Consultancy

Every business structure is unique. That uniqueness should be reflected in its online marketing strategy in order to distinguish itself from the competition. Our team consists of the best SEO experts in USA. Our Search Engine Optimization services can be customized according to your business objectives. We discuss your objectives with you before coming up with an SEO marketing strategy that brings your business the best value.How our SEO Experts can help

Market and Keyword Research

An SEO marketing strategy that is optimized according to popular keywords is equipped for success. Our experts research keywords by keeping your target audience and business objectives in mind. Today Infotech designs keyword optimized strategies that are designed to work.How our SEO Experts can help

White Hat SEO

Today Infotech offers services that are White Hat. Shady SEO practices do not sustain a business for long and often incur penalties from Google. All of our SEO services company is designed to sustain your online campaigns for the long term. We will upgrade your campaign according to changing demands while you focus on other responsibilities.

Social Media Marketing

A good online marketing strategy is not only optimized for the web; it is optimized for social media as well. An SEO campaign that is geared towards popular social networking websites like G+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc, help us take your campaign to the next level.How our SEO Experts can help

On Page SEO

This is the most important and also first step towards your SEO campaign. We help you to identify keywords that search engines love and that fit your campaign the best. Hire SEO expert to optimize your website for performance such as site speed, structure and other initiatives. On Page SEO includes:

  • Keyword Research
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • ALT tags Optimization
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Sitemap Generation
  • User Friendly
  • Linking structure
  • W3C Validation

Off Page SEO

Hire SEO expert research your business according to the specific industry that it specializes in by perusing the most popular content. We create valuable content based on our research and that can be shared on popular social media to link back to. Our expertise lies in gaining back links with key influencers that show Google that your web pages are a good source for your chosen keywords. Off Page SEO includes:

  • Link Popularity Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Anchor text analysis
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission and Directory Submission
  • Business listing
  • Article and Blog Submission
  • Forum Posting and Blog commenting
  • Maintenance

Reporting & Analysis

We keep all communications open with our clients. Frequent contact ensures that your SEO campaigns are run according to YOUR standards. Our SEO experts understand that you have a business to run and consult with you according to your schedule. Weekly reports on analytics, ranking, visibility and revenue ensure that you remain in the loop at all times.


Cheap targeted traffic

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WordPress Search Engine Optimization Tips

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Tips

Its actual that without SEO even novel substance can’t score more . To rank high in Search Engine Results your articles and Site must be SEO Rich . So today I am here with some must have WordPress SEO Optimization Tactics . Expectation you definitely know the energy of WordPress blog .

These tips aren’t just for WordPress Users yet in addition for Drupal, Joomla And Other Static Pages Websites . Expectation You Will make the most of my guide . On Site SEO Optimization Basically there are Four things that are capable and we will examine about in this article.

These are following :-

1. Website design enhancement Optimized Permalinks URLs:

Search engine optimization Optimized Permalinks Structure Permalinks Structure assumes a fundamental part in SEO of your site .

To alter or see your current Permalinks structure explore to Dashboard>>Settings>>Permalinks . For the most part writes make utilization of %postname% permalinks structure and Even I am utilizing same structure on this blog yet the best Permalinks for SEO is %category%/%postname%.

Indeed its the best performing Permalinks Structure that even numerous Experts and Pro Bloggers recommend . So in the event that you have wanted to utilize that Permalinks structure then you ought to know about one most serious issue in WordPress Category Permalinks Structure.

As a matter of course WordPress have this structure for Categories :- . So on the off chance that you utilized that permalink structure then you would have less space for your post catchphrase in post URL . For instance on the off chance that you are composing an article ” How to Get Adsense Approval ” and class you utilized for this article is ” adsense ” .

At that point your permalink would be something like quick . Arrangement :- So you can see that classification base permalink structure isn’t SEO Friendly as a matter of course.

There is a module which would help you a considerable measure on the off chance that you are running with Categories Bast permalink structure . Its WP No Category Base Plugin . As depicted above of course WordPress Categories Based Permalink structure is yet in the wake of utilizing this module your classification permalink would be something like the irritating word “class ” won’t be there no more .

2. HTML Semantic Structure:

HTML Semantic Structure That’s where WordPress is a poo ! Trust me, I am not lying . 95% Wp Themes are poop around there. They are publicized as SEO Friendly yet they aren’t . By “Poop” Word I mean the wrong structure of subject which isn’t useful for SEO.

Heading Tags like H1 to H6 speak to semantic implications like Title/Sub Title . Typically H1 have more weight however H6 have less weight in Eye of Search Engines . So as a rule you should utilize them inside your Article however for the most part WordPress Themes utilizes these labels in different fields of your blog like Sidebar, Blog Header , Footer and so forth .

What’s more, for the most part subjects utilize H1 Tag as Header Logo/Blog Title which is the most exceedingly awful piece of On Website SEO.

  • Why its terrible SEO to Use Heading Tags For Sidebars/Footer Widgets You shouldn’t utilize Heading Tags for Sidebar And Footer Widgets on the grounds that more often than not they shows up on each post of your blog . So if there title resemble ” Latest Posts ” , “Labels” , “File ” , Then web search tool would consider them Article Keywords . So you shouldn’t utilize Heading Tags for your gadgets Titles.
  • Why it is awful SEO practice to Have Blog Header/Title as H1 ? Same as Sidebar And Footer , it additionally shows up in each article . So in the event that you are having your article title as H1 and utilizing H1 inside your post body . At that point there will be two H1 Tags which is extremely – 2 awful for SEO.

You shouldn’t have Two H1 labels on Same Page . H1 must have the catchphrase you will rank the post for and I am certain your header don’t have distinctive watchwords on various pages . So never utilize H1 Tag for Blog Title/Header as H1 have more weight . You can utilize H2 for this reason.

Arrangement :- So here is the answer for both of these issues. You can see I am utilizing Blog Title as H1 and Post Title as H2 on Homepage . In any case, on my post pages Blog Title moves toward becoming H2 and Post Title moves toward becoming H1 which is compelling SEO Structure . All that is conceivable with Conditional Tags as it were. Div And Span are HTML Tags which can be utilized for Widgets Title on the off chance that you would prefer not to give any weight or inclination to them.

These are the labels for the most part utilized by Web Designers . There is fundamentally one primary contrast between these Tags , DIV is named as piece level while SPAN is named as inline level . Influencing Widgets To title SEO Friendly :- For encourage altering you should have some information of WordPress Themes ( php ) altering . Else I can’t help you.

The thing you need to do is Editing sidebar.php of your wordpress subject . In sidebar.php you can alter Heading Tag to different labels you need . Same thing you need to do with footer ( If you are utilizing ) . Simply alter footer.php as per your necessities . I won’t go into points of interest simply discover the default H* Tag being utilized as a part of your sidebar/Footer title and alter it as per your decision.

So you need to do following changes :-

  1. Altering Single.php to influence post/to page title as H1 on Single Post .
  2. Altering Footer.php And Sidebar.php to guarantee that no heading labels is utilized for their Title.

3. Web crawler orders/no-ordering Canonical URLs:

That’s the primary thing to see yet in the event that you are a WordPress User at that point proceed in light of the fact that WordPress as of now have Canonical URLs . Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are intending to outline another subject or doing changes at that point remember it.

List items Pages :- There are different pages in your blog that must be ascribed as no-list and even Google Recommends it . Fundamentally I won’t go into points of interest yet in any event you should no-record Tags , Categories , files and Search Result pages of your blog . Furthermore, that would be vastly improved on the off chance that you supplant your default seek box with Google Search Box.

No-Index Tag Pages :- It additionally have much impact on your site SEO . You should add no-record credit to your labels pages with the goal that they won’t show up in Search Engine Results . To do as such , you can make utilization of “Across the board SEO ” or “Yoast SEO” Plugin.

Presently you will surmise that Why we should no file label pages ? Reason is basic you shouldn’t influence your copy pages to show up over and over in Search Results . By doing as such number of filed pages will diminish yet trust me Search Engines Would love your site . Fundamentally you add 4-5 Tags to each post you make ,just there would me more Tag Pages at that point Content Pages which can’t be expressed great in any condition.

Classifications Pages :- However you shouldn’t utilize no-file for classifications on the off chance that you are having few quantities of focusing on classifications yet in the event that you’re having several classes then its better to no-file them for spam anticipation.

Documents Pages :- In the majority of the cases you should no-list chronicle pages since they additionally looks shitty and spammy . You shouldn’t have Archives Widget on your blog since it would make grapple content like ” January ” 2013 ” and so on. What’s more, on the off chance that you are having Author/Listing Pages at that point make a point to no-record them also . For reason for no-ordering you should utilization of ” Meta Robots Wp Plugin “.

4. Interlinking in Smart Way Homepage Link For Better SEO:

If you are having a Homepage interface in your header at that point make a point to add no-take after credit to it . Rather you can include that do-take after Homepage interface in your footer which would have less effect on SEO . Continuously remind that Header Links have more power then Footer Links in the event of SEO.

Evacuating Bad Links :- By terrible connections I mean Tags,Categories,Archives Pages which we have no-listed . Additionally there are some different connections like post date and creator which likewise shouldn’t seem to Search Engine . Indeed, You should utilize them for better client route however try to no-tail them.

Not any more Silly/Useless Widgets :- Any of gadget you are utilizing on your site if not having much utilize then it must be killed . It won’t just accelerate your pages yet additionally would give a spotless and beautiful experience to clients .Dangers of Using Many WordPress Plugins You ought not utilize much WordPress modules on your blog. Don’t just utilize modules since they exists.

You should have a strong and justifiable reason motivation to utilize a module . So Be strict to modules and just select those which are key . I know such folks who execute Trojans in modules and took control more than a huge number of sites . Continuously ensure you download modules just from modules catalog in light of the fact that there are not very many possibilities that recorded modules there would have Trojan inside them.

5. Portion And Content Description:

Passage And Content Description This isn’t having much impact on SEO however its must for uniqueness . You should include some portrayal you’re posting pages or classification pages . Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have no-ordered them since they are accessible in mass at that point no compelling reason to do this . Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are having less Tags And Categories then you should add portrayals to them.

Portrayal can be anything between 60-250 Words and significantly more in the event that you are a bad-to-the-bone and wanna bode well .

Utilization of Short Excerpts :- Always ensure you have short selection on your Homepage and posting pages . You shouldn’t have all the more then 200 characters ( 60-70 Words ) for your post selections . Since selection is just a thing which gives a correct thought that about what your article is ! So utilize little substance for passages and furthermore ensure you aren’t utilizing Full RSS Feeds .So folks that was all from me.

Also Read: How To Add RSS Feed To Website And Its Importance

Expectation you preferred the substance . In the event that you are having any issue in altering or applying these tips at that point kindly don’t befuddle and make utilization of remark frame beneath . Your recommendations and perspectives are invited .Similar Awesome Stuff For You =>Share your Views, Just Leave a Comment.


Top Affiliate Marketing Tips: Every Beginner Should Know

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widely used strategy to monetize online content. It is said to be one of the fastest and easiest way to earn money onlineAffiliate marketing consists of promoting goods and services and earning commission at the time of sale. The key to maximize your affiliate revenue is to drive more and more readers by providing them an engaging experience. While affiliate marketing is becoming popular, it’s becoming a great source of income if done properly. Here are the 5 fundamental tips for beginners that will ease their journey.

1. Target Your Niche

Since affiliate marketing is all about promoting goods and services and offering something valuable to satisfy customer’s needs, you need to choose your niche first. You need to choose your niche and accordingly provide them what they’re looking for. Make sure the affiliate products you are promoting serves the audience well and solve their problems. You need to educate your targeted audience with the relevant information and details to make them interested in your products. The more relevant the ads are, the more chance of customers coming to you increases.

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2. Build Trust And Connection With The Audience

Affiliate marketing greatly relies on gaining trust. When promoting a certain good or service, the first thing we aim for is to build trust in the eyes of a customer. Whenever someone recommends you a product you tend to get skeptical. The visitors should get a positive image of yours and should not feel that you’re not being honest. Be trust worthy and sincere with your online business. This will build the wall for effective affiliate marketing.

3. Stay Active And Keep Regular Updates

Promoting your products online require to stay active and provide regular information to the audience. Affiliate marketing demands staying active, you need to make an appearance online and search engine to get more and more traffic on the website. The more traffic you get, the conversion rate will increase. It’s highly recommendable for beginners to promote their products on social media platform as it can prove truly useful to enhance your product promotion.

4. Choose Your Affiliate Product And Opportunities Wisely

It’s a wise decision to conduct a research before choosing which product to promote for your affiliate marketing. First thing you need to do is test the product and measure the performance of every affiliate campaign and then act accordingly. Choose the one that works best for you. Make sure to place the banner ads on the right place of the site’s page to gain more visibility. if done right, these products can help gain higher conversion rate as customer’s will make purchase and this will lead to earning higher revenues.

5. Create Valuable Content For Your Site

After knowing about your targeted niche, you need to work on your content marketing strategy. The content posted should be informative and useful for your website and if it’s not helpful that means you have poor marketing strategy. Create unique content and don’t steal anyone’s content. Once you start providing unique content you can see reader’s willing to come visit your website again to learn more about your business and this will add credibility to your site.

6. Promote On Social Media

The social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram etc. are great places to promote your product online. These platforms have great potential to track online audience and create an engaging experience. It’s worth it making an online presence on social sites.  Promote your products and services via email newsletter or on the newsfeed. The more audience you can track to the site, the more chance of sales increases.

7. Stay Updated With The Latest Methods And Tips

Always try to stay up to date with the new techniques and methods introduced in the market. Readers highly appreciate if they feel they are provided with all the latest news and technique and they will feel that the business is serving their needs well. Additionally, affiliate marketing is very competitive and people love to get familiar with new practices. Try to stay up to date with current trends to stay ahead of otherwise you will lack behind.

8. Be Patient

Affiliate marketing takes time in generating revenues. Don’t lose hope and be patient. With time you’ll earn money, you might want to earn money from the first visitor that comes to your website but he might not be willing to make a purchase from you. You will need to stay consistent and stay patient enough to generate traffic and conversion rate for better results.

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing strategy is packed with loads of opportunities for money making. These 8 marketing tips will greatly help the beginners to get successful. It might not be easily achievable but it’s possible if you stay patient. With strong dedication and little efficiency you can become successful affiliate marketer in no time.

Author Bio

Today Infotech is a professional content marketing writer at a leading digital marketing company in Singapore. She has considerable experience for over 5 years in the field of digital marketing, SEO, SMM and she’s well known for promoting business with the help of her content.


Top 10 Design Trends for Website in 2018

Top 10 Design Trends for Website in 2018

If you are looking for top design trends in 2018 than this article is for you.An e-commerce website does need a website full of latest designs and layouts. To offer an outstanding shopping experience online the website should be user-friendly. Online shopping has become a preference for many shoppers across the globe. The website owners want to hold the visitors for a longer time on their websites. There is the requirement of creativity, ingenuity, and a deep level of understanding of consumer buying behavior for designing the perfect shopping experience on the e-commerce website. A different kind of approach will help your site to rise above authority and multiply the conversion rate of the e-commerce store. Here is some website design which helps in bridging the gap that plays a notable role in holding users’ interest in e-commerce websites. Web Development India can help you to hire magento developer to design your magento website at affordable price.

Top 10 Design Trends for Website in 2018

laravel development company

1.Larger background images:

It will make a deeper impact on users if you use larger background images. These images captivate the users and drive them to explore the website in a better way. To ensure the best user experience for all this design technique can be a minimal idea. The themes also offer e-commerce growth. A lot of time we scroll through a product and find a bulk of information about the product which people don’t like. When there is a shortage of time, users do not want to read the entire description given for that particular product either they prefer to pay attention to effective images. The pictures associated with the website’s product pages will create the first impression on users. For the gift shops and fashion e-commerce websites, this trend is very useful and especially important.

2. Background videos:

Designing websites do not necessarily build static experiences.As the web technologies are rising, it is easier to add videos and create a rich experience for your website. The website becomes more interesting and immersive by these videos. If you use large browser sized videos then these become more remarkable. Background videos provide the background for the webpage. Websites with larger background videos help to create a special mood and atmosphere to demonstrate a particular product in action.

3.Mobile Friendly Design:

There is an increase in usage of mobile for web browsing and purchasing.There is a need to shift the design priority according to the mobile browsing. Designers need to focus more on the core content of a website as per the restrictive mobile screens. This means stripping back the unnecessary elements that would usually appear on the desktop format. Features such as large full-width images, clear CTA’s, obvious and sensible icons and hidden menu navigations must be considered by the designers. Designing a website in a way that is meant for mobile devices prior to its accessibility for large-screened devices.
Every eCommerce website is centered around making a mobile responsive design.


The animation is the feature that makes a website more appealing. The homepage is introduced in its UI provisions, with a higher visual by including GIFs, cinemagraphs, and full-screen video. The homepages and landing pages of the e-commerce website where grabbing a user’s attention are key animations should start appearing.It is one of the most current and the coolest trend in eCommerce web design industry. Many e-commerce websites have started integrating animations into their designs. These animations make the website alive and impressive.

5. Use of Bright Colors:

Use of bright colors on your website will help you to pull more customers towards your website. Colors affect the subconscious mind. We can associate colors with emotions, concepts, actions, and qualities. Flashing an error message using red color in your shopping cart is an effective way of getting your customer’s attention. Use not more than three main colors and keep your website clean and simple.


Responsiveness is necessary for your website. The website is easily accessible through any device by these responsive techniques.As People are using their smartphones for everything. This means that the need for mobile compatible websites. On a variety of platforms, responsive websites are scaled. If the website is easy to access the phones then this ensures that a website will be visited by more clients.Many responsive web design testing tool that can be used to ensure the responsiveness of the websites.


Card-like layouts is one of the website design trends. A lot of website owners have included the elements of card-like-layouts in their websites. To offer an extended user experience to the visitors browsing their websites these are very helpful. For short pieces of texts, images, as well as a few buttons Card designs, is a perfect option to choose. Card-like-layout offers a slight product information and ensures the info is delivered within seconds.


A cinemagraph is a still picture or a photograph which has an added small, repeating animation. The effect is a sort of mini-video experience are eye-catching. Cinemagraphs are still pictures with little animations added to them.This gives a superior web-based shopping knowledge to the clients. Cinemagraphs are more captivating than pictures.

9.Fewer Menu Options:

Quicker navigation menus are required to improve the user experience as there is an increase in demand for speed and ease. By allowing UX to be intuitive and interactive, their focus on advanced product level filtering, ultimately saving users time. This concept is often seen in designs based on the user taking actions one step at a time.

10.Easy to Operate:

The eCommerce websites did not have a great user experience in the previous times. People had to spend a lot of time to locate a product of their choice. Nowadays, e-retail stores like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and others have started to enhance their user experience. It has become quite easy to find a specific item just by putting in the right keywords and phrases in the “Search” tab.
These are some other website design elements which are in demand. Websites must contain the elements which suit the layout of their website. Websites are providing an exceptional browsing experience to the users. To provide your users a refined user experience these website design trends are important and you can hire top Magento development company for all you design and development need.