Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

To continue in an online business and stay ahead of the competition, website maintenance is significant. In fact, it’s a must. At Today Infotech, apart from designing and developing a business, we also do website maintenance. After assessing the need for it and requests from our existing clients, we decided to offer maintenance service as well. And the results observed were amazing.

The main motto of website maintenance is to keep a business website current, relevant, and updated. Besides that, it is also required to increase credibility in the market, and to make it interactive.

How Today Infotech Maintains Your Website?

Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of any online business. It requires high quality content, relevant links, and beautiful design. These things have to be checked regularly and amended if necessary.

Our team a

AD Campaign Management

Online marketing is slowly but surely catching up. Companies with no online presence are now ready to advertise online to attract target audience from around the world. If you’re one of such business owner who intends to promote products and services online, then you’re at the right page.

Today Infotech is one of the leading ad campaign management companies in the industry. We as a company are aware of the industry trends – what online advertising method is effective and which one doesn’t yield results. So we recommend our clients only the methods that bring high ROI.

What Campaigns Do We Manage?

Google AdWords Campaign – First and most effective advertising campaign in the Internet world is Google AdWords. It’s simple, user-friendly, economical, and effective at the same time. In this, what we as Google AdWords manager do for our clients is – we pick the best keywords for them using Google Keywords Tool, create ads, set daily budget limits and place the ads on Google search engine results page.

When the Internet surfers view the ad and click it, few cents or a dollar is paid to Google. The more number of clicks an ad derives the more chances of conversion and better ROI. But, the only setback of using Google AdWords is it is limited to only Google.

Pay Per Click Campaign – PPC Campaign can be run on any search engine; whether it is Yahoo, Bing, or MSN. Therefore, we at Crocus don’t just depend on Google AdWords to drive traffic to our clients’ sites. Instead, being a PPC management company, we advertise on all other search engines as well.

Before investing the entire advertising budget on PPC right away, we ensure to test and try the campaign first. See which ads are bringing ROI and which aren’t. Then carry the campaign with the best running ads.

Ad Campaign Management Includes?

PPC management firms on the Internet offer different services based on their capabilities and experience. Today Infotech takes care of the following things to make ad campaign management effective:

Manage Finances: To run an ad campaign successfully, finances have to be managed properly. Money has to be allocated for running ads because with every single click, money is deducted from the account. Therefore, it’s important to have a budget and manage it appropriately. Our Today Infotech team is pro at managing finances.

Ad Campaign Tracking: Apart from managing funds, ad tracking is important. It gives you insights of the overall campaign – the better performing keywords, the keywords with least conversion rate, so on and so forth. So being a PPC management company, we do timely ad campaign tracking for our clients. It saves time, money, and efforts.

Why Hire Today Infotech?

Today Infotech team believes that ad campaign management is all about reaching target audience and bringing high return on investments (ROI). Thus, if you’re looking for a reliable online ad management company, we can help you out. Our team is dedicated and guarantees the best results. Give us a chance to manage your ad campaign and keep your cash registers ringing.

t Today Infotech in the team is experienced and has served many clients ever since Crocus’s inception. So as far as website design and maintenance is concerned, leave it on us and we’ll take care of everything.

Still if you’re not sure how we do it. Here’s a brief snapshot of how we perform website maintenance tasks:

–  Our team closely monitors client’s websites and take a note of what all things have to be fixed. Whether it is fixing the URLs, re-writing the content, changing banners, or fixing the errors in codes etc. they monitor it all and well.

–  After assessing the site when required, work is carried out and what needs to be fixed is fixed. However, if everything is okay yet clients wishes to perform some changes on the website, we do it. But only after considering the possible options and suggesting our clients with what’s best for the website and for their business.

–  During website designing and development itself, importance is given to search engine and user friendliness. The more search engine and user friendly a website is, the better it will be for any business. Therefore, even during website maintenance services, we keep this in mind.

–  If anything needs to be urgently fixed, clients can contact us anytime via phone or email. And we make certain that the problem is fixed as soon as possible

What Differentiates Today Infotech from Others?

We know that there are hundreds of web maintenance services out there in the market. So why should you hire us and not anyone else? There are many reasons. The first being our professional team, the second being affordable pricing, and third being timely help. When you find all three important things at place, why would you want to go somewhere else? Isn’t it?

Today Infotech offers all online marketing solutions under one roof. From search engine marketing to web design and development to website maintenance to providing e-commerce solutions to everything else our clients require. Get in touch with us avail the service you want, now!


E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

The world is moving towards the Internet. And, it is a huge challenge for retail businesses to create e-commerce solutions that can make their retail businesses go to the next level. That is where Today Infotech comes into the picture.

Today Infotech e-commerce website developers have been helping businesses across the world in developing their websites with innovative e-commerce solutions for few years now. We believe, an e-commerce site should always provide excellent feel to the customers, so that visitors get motivated to purchase items from it.

Why Should You Go for an E-Commerce Solution?

FlipKart is a great example of the potential Indian e-commerce industry has. And,, a website launched by the world’s biggest e-commerce site, All these prove that, e-commerce sector in India is just increasing leaps and bounds.

If you’re, as a businessman, not leveraging this huge potential, then you’re leaving a lot of business on the table. E-commerce is the way world is moving on and it is perhaps the most effective way to growing any business and taking it to the next level.

The sooner you bring your offline on the web, the better. If you don’t have a retail business offline, don’t worry, you can always begin an e-commerce site a new business altogether.

How Today Infotech Can Help You?

Good question. Today Infotech has been in the business for quite some time and over the past few years, we’ve provided excellent design service to the clients. Our e-commerce web designers first understand the client business requirement, what exactly do they expect their clients from the design, website, etc.

Few other things that we consider while ecommerce development are:

·  Our primary aim is to align your long-term business goals with your goal to create an online presence.

·  We create architecture of the site with navigation paths, UI and UX, so that your users have absolutely no problem in browsing and navigating your e-commerce website. 

· Our team of professional e-commerce development site is well-versed with using different e-commerce platforms including Magento, Zen-Cart, X-Cart, and Pretashop. Proficiency on these platforms helps us provide our clients with absolutely great e-commerce solution to them.

· Most importantly, Today Infotech helps you in maintaining the website too by providing you assistance so that your business doesn’t get affected due to your technical difficulties.

More On Our E-Commerce Web Design Service

Today Infotech always value our clients and intend to help them drive maximum benefits from their e-commerce endeavors. Our teams are not only pro in developing helpful e-commerce solutions  but also in coming-up with creative ways to promote, drive traffic, generate sales and boost your business.

From search engine optimization to PPC, we implement all the possible online marketing methods that can surge the website’s visitors.

So, what are you waiting for? E-commerce sites are the way to go for existing business and launching businesses; the sooner you go that way, the better! 


Custom Ecommerce Programming Development Solution

Custom Ecommerce Programming Development Solution

Ecommerce : Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds via the Web.

Are you interested in expand your online business and needs a custom ecommerce solution?
Lets us design a complete ecommerce system for you that allows your customers to order online and you to accept credit cards or paypal to receive payments online .

Our custom ecommerce solutions :
1) Credit card processing system
2) Custom Shopping cart system
3) Downloadable items Like software, files, eBooks, etc.
4) Real estate System
5) Online Customer Management
6) Web based Tracking Systems
And many more…
Building an E-commerce Site points for consideration :
1) Good suppliers that will supply you products.
2) A detailed price comparison of your products you want to sell online
3) Good Customer service : They define, in a big way, your relationship with your customer.
Are you ecommerce ready ?.
1) Products : Your products are suitable for online selling.
2) How to implement in current website if any.
3) Will you be able to fulfill orders in time and according to specifications.
4) you need any additional manpower to handle your operations.
5) Is your present staff computer efficient.
6) How you acept payment through internet.
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Summary of Some of my SEO services

1.Directory submission : Your Website will be Manually Submitted to the directories. This is done to prevent the website being submitted to the wrong category.
2. Article writing and Submission : Freelance article writing (experienced in various themes/topics). You just send the topic, I will take care of the rest. A final Copy of the article will be approved by you before the articles submission process.
3. Link building : Link building is a good way to improve your page rank and positioning in the search engines