Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

When it comes to the web world, content is the king. Without content, any website cannot work properly let alone earn from the probable customers. Even major search engines work on the function of content available in the web world on different platforms. With content, you can spread strong words about your business to the right customers. Today InfoTech can help you in the task with our excellent content writing services.

Our team of experienced writers conducts an in-depth research on every topic before working on it. Some of them are King of some trade while Jack of all. No matter if your business belongs to Fashion industry or IT industry; we have someone who can create fine content for you.

For the development of the digital marketing, content writing services have come in handy a lot. Whether it is about the website development, pay per click marketing, keyword link building or providing meaningful content for the development of the ranking and traffic of a site or link, content writing has come to rescue all the time. Today InfoTech provides precise content writing services for Indian as well as for international clients.

Since Google has been coming up with these bizarre updates every now and then, it becomes quite important to keep the content fresh and crisp accordingly. Our content team keeps on working on the client project in a creative manner as per the current updates of the search engine. We know that you wish to be on top, with an addition of uniqueness on your website or in your digital marketing factor. With content writing services for websites by Today InfoTech, you can achieve it easily.

What makes us


  • Experienced team of writers: We have a huge team of content writers experienced in content writing. Everyone is selected after a rigorous selection program thus ensuring nothing but high-quality work for our clients.
  • Regular QC: Before sending the content to you, we will make sure it is free from any error. Proofreading, editing and even rewriting if needed, we will go to every extent to ensure that the content is excellent when it reaches to you. Along with writers, we have content editors keeping an eye on every content leaving our end.
  • Content updates: Similar to websites and mobile applications, content trends also change every now and then. We keep our writers updated about the latest trends going on in the market as well as the updates about the search engines. Every search engine comes up with new content guidelines every now and then, henceforth it is crucial that the website content is created accordingly. Especially for SEO content and website content, we make sure it is as per the set guidelines.

Best Price

We aim to provide the best price to our clients with our content services. You can pick content services according to your need, which includes web content, e-mailer content, SEO articles, Blogs for websites, Social media copies, testimonial writing, and review writing and so on. We can also work press releases for your business as per need. From weekly content to monthly content, we have different packages for you.

Writing good content, which is interactive, attractive and catchy, requires hard-working writers who have in-depth knowledge about almost every topic. In the world of content writing for SEO, SMO and website content, every writer working in this field is blessed with this skill. They know where and which topic will work wonders for providing information to the readers. They are aware of various sources of knowledge, information for different topics, which can be utilized to generate accurate as well as effective content.

Internet users are becoming more and more information-intensive. They are not ready to accept jargon in the name of informative content. While visiting a website, if they do not find the content attractive and interesting in the first two lines or layout, the users will simply skip the website and jump to another one. Today Infotech can actually contribute to making your website attractive and capable of having more traffic than it had ever before, with help of our content team.

Content Writing Services we provide!

  • Web Content
  • SEO Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Review Writing
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • Blog Content
  • Content Editing

We make sure that our team is well prepared with regular updates about networks, Google, Yahoo, ASK, Bing and other such popular search engines. To make sure that the proximity and usability of the content are as per your client. They do a quick search about the user behavior and language requirement about the area with help of our SEO and web development team, take inputs from the clients to generate high-quality content for your website and digital marketing plans. Contact Today InfoTech for more details on the content writing services provided by us.

Affiliate program launch:

while working on the established affiliate program, a service provider will not have to put in much effort. The real effort is required while working on launching a new affiliate program. One has to be careful about all the aspects from the selection of the duration to deciding the placement of the affiliate marketing plan. Today InfoTech will take care of all these things.


Google Penguin Recovery Company

Google Penguin Recovery Company

The days of building tons of links and seeing massive ranking improvement on the SERP are long gone. We are living in the Penguin era where every single link is analyzed by Google search bot and if it figures out any anomaly in the backlink profile of a website, the website in question can get penalized. Penguin can bring down a website to its knees by devastating its search presence. Now, if your previous SEO Company has built tons of links without caring little for their quality, you need to opt for our Google Penguin Recovery Services. Our Penguin recovery services are specifically designed to help websites recover from both manual Google penguin update and algorithmic updates.

Today Infotech is a professional Penguin recovery company in India. We have successfully served a number of clients whose websites had got impacted by Google penguin update. We take a holistic approach when it comes to helping a website from recovering Penguin update. We go through every single link pointing to the website and then figure out which links are causing the problem. Once all problematic links are identified, we try to remove those links by contacting the webmasters of those websites. We also use Disavow Tools to upload those links that we fail to remove even after contacting the webmaster multiple times. However, unlike other SEO companies, we don’t remove all the links randomly because that would have a negative impact on the visibility of the website. Rather our team of experienced SEO professionals analyzes each link carefully before flagging them as spam.

We will create a list of links that we consider to be spammy and send you the list for your approval. Once you approve the list, we will start the link removal process. With us, you will be able to recover your website from the clutches of penguin update and recover the lost visibility.


SEO Reseller Services

SEO Reseller Services

The maximum organizations experience adaptability issues with regards to capability-based services, for example, SEO (site improvement) and web improvement. Whether you are a setup SEO based organization, Today InfoTech empowers you to spread your SEO Reseller Services contributions utilizing cutting down procedure expenses and offer a similar predominant quality help that you invest heavily in.

We at Brain InfoTech Delhi feel pride in working with differing worldwide Digital Agencies, giving them quality SEO Reseller services. Our demonstrated fruitful record encourages you in giving white name SEO Reseller service benefits in an effective way. Our well-known and experienced White Label SEO Reseller service plan will enable you to concentrate on your everything the positives and designs, accordingly making a most extreme state for your business venture just as your esteemed customers.

Digital Marketing and SEO is the ever-growing division these days and pretty much every business affiliation today needs to get a significant agency for the digital advertising world. Whether you are additionally searching for a similar dream, at that point yes it is conceivable employing utilizing compelling Search Engine Optimization plans. Be that as it may, utilizing such an approach would mean an imperative interest as far as cash and time. Is this workable for each company to give this much time and attention? Most presumably no!!! To conquer such circumstances SEO Reseller services would be the correct elective that ably suits your needs.

Amazon SEO Services

Amazon SEO Services

Web optimization represents Search Engine Optimization which means better posting outcomes advanced for keywords on search engines, for example, Google and Bing. Comparative standards are utilized by tweaking the methodology for Amazon SEO service companies that help for expanding your items’ availability and permeability.

It helps your deals and expands the number of guests that visit your item page. In the wake of listing your items on Amazon, you apprehensive about not getting a lot of guests and not having that much deals. There is an explanation behind that. There are immense measures of items recorded on Amazon, a significant number of them in a similar classification as yours.

It’s anything but a simple assignment to recognize your item from others. That is the where Today InfoTech Amazon SEO service experts can assist you with optimizing your item postings for higher perceivability and deals. In our inexorably mobile world, associating with the audience searching for items means having a presence on To build Amazon deals for your items, you should have a successful Amazon SEO services that make your things come up in the quest for your objective markets.

Do you truly Need Amazon SEO Service Company?

Whether you have adequate time to improve your posting yourself, at that point you ought not; otherwise, you can take the assistance on any Amazon SEO Expert.

Also, you have a genuinely enormous classification and an assortment of items, at that point additionally, it is encouraged to get it oversaw from Amazon SEO Professional. Taking proficient assistance is likewise prescribed since it will help spare your time and vitality, which you can use to concentrate on item enhancements.

Tips to help your positioning on Amazon Market

The following are not many Tips that can be utilized by anyone to rank his/her items on Amazon.

1. Utilize appropriate words in the Product title – There are numerous Keyword tools (Google Keyword Planner,, open site explorer by MOZ) through which you can discover what keywords potential clients use to purchase any item.

Likewise, whether that you are running Sponsored items on Amazon you have a Search term report which will give you definite information about what keywords are changing over for your items. Use them in your item title, visual cues, and info and backend search term.

2. Right Category: Listing your item in the right class is additionally important. For a few items Category is very self-evident, for other people, it must be chosen cautiously between two/three options. Choose the classification most firmly identified with your item and in which looks are high for your item.

3. Audits: Reviews are a significant factor in positioning calculation. Attempt to get many surveys by alluring your customers. Positive audits add to your positioning while a negative one isn’t useful for item positioning.

4. Utilization of online networking: Use internet based life astutely and posts your item and sends guests to the Amazon item page. Any referral traffic is a big positioning component of the Amazon Algorithm.

5. Backlinks: You can get backlinks to your item pages from numerous other sites like catalog accommodation, Bookmarking and so forth.

We at Today InfoTech give Amazon SEO Services to Google. Additionally you can connect with us for further discussion on the same and get the free quotation by our experts.


Hire SEO expert in Jaipur

Hire SEO expert in Jaipur

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization efforts are required in order to rank high on search engines for potential keywords. A good website with all the business services listed on it is on no use until potential customers visit the website. Our hire dedicated SEO expert is the best for such ongoing SEO efforts because we are committed to work on every aspect on your on-page and off-page optimization activities. Our strategic seo work plan and content marketing techniques are organic and SEO friendly. Hire a dedicated SEO team from our India office for visible rankings at affordable rates.

By hiring our SEO experts for your web projects you are assured of a handpicked resource who has the expertise in SEO for your business services. Our SEO staffs has immense experience yet are affordable. We have been successful in passing our Google Fundamental exam and have our skills in Pay per Click Google Adwords campaign as well. This means you have a one stop SEO shop for all your digital marketing needs. Our strategic SEO work plan includes a bundle of organic SEO techniques that help you achieve instant search engine rankings.

With years of experience in this field, we offer affordable and effective professional SEO services for your website. This gives you an edge over your competitors. Our SEO efforts are organic and this helps you get better rewards from search engines which in return mean higher traffic.

Our dedicated SEO Services will not only help you build a strong web presence but also help

  • Potential targeted traffic for your website
  • Local as well as global level web presence in targeted countries.
  • Cost-effective digital marketing services
  • Higher Return on Investment [ROI]



Facebook Advertising create virality, accelerate growth, expand your reach, maximize lead generation and strengthen your business. Today Infotech offers professional Facebook advertising services by creating buzz for your products in the market.



96% of social media marketers consider Facebook as an effective social media advertising platform. It’s a paid advertising channel, which helps to get new leads & turn them into paying customers.


You don’t need to acquire funds to advertise on Facebook. You can get started without a large effort on Facebook ads, and see the fast results when spending as few as $10.


You can customize the Facebook target audience based on people’s interest, demographics, location, actions on the website, engagement in your app, and more.


Sending Facebook site visitors from a Facebook advert to a landing page optimized for lead generation is one of the fine ways to find qualified leads that, if properly nurtured, are likely to convert into a final sale.

Use extraordinary lead generation strategies with facebook. Play around with what works and track your click rates. Keep evolving with your targeting strategy which makes the ad ROI feasible and a good investment. An ad without intelligent targeting is like burning money for your business. There’s so much you can do to boom the quality of leads you capture from this platform.


Social Media Marketing In Jaipur

Social Media Marketing In Jaipur

Looking for brand management?

SMM (or) Social Media Marketing is a periodic activity adjusted as per your marketing needs. Our team understands that your social marketing requirements are fluid and need a high level monitoring and engagement team, which we excel in.

Social Media Marketing is known to be the “next big thing.” Over the last few years Social Media has completely change the internet. Actually it has changed the whole world and the world of marketing. So what are the reason for your business to start utilising these new forms of communication as soon as possible. These are the 7 most important ones. Any social media network is a new platforms to voice a brand. We at DigiMark the best Social Media Marketing agency In Bangalore ensure that every post you feed into the social media is an opening for a prospective new customer potential for conversion.
1.) Showcase your brand: Social media marketing offers an other marketing channel for creating brand awareness. Relationship building (Brand love), driving new sales so why not use it? Specially when its free.
2.) Develop a Loyal Community: People enjoy being part of the business that is proactively building a lively community. Such an online social community can help you establish and emotional connection between your company and your proscpects which is essential for your longterm success.
3.) Improve Customer Service: Social Media is a very great feed back source enabling your prospects to communicate with your company and each other can greatly improve your customer service and increase brand trustworthiness.
4.) Increase Digital Exposure: Interacting in social networks can significantly increase your online presence. Social media marketing leads to massive exposure due to its worldwide access sharing capabilities in huge amount of daily users.
5.) Boost Traffic & SEO Rating: Social Media marketing is a major lead generator and it constantly brings high volume traffic to your website. They can also help with SEO, since search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo significantly reflect your social media content
6.) Expand Sales & Audience: Listing to your prospects on social media networks can help you respond to their specific needs this will most likely cause and increase in sales but also expand your customer base.
7.) Cut Marketing Cost: Compared to traditional marketing channels like print advertising, telivision ads, advertising on social media marketing is affordable for any business. Remember that the channel itself is free. Managing social media marketing, taking care of all the content tweets or feedback can get pretty time consuming and you need to focus primarily on your business.


As the top Digital Marketing Company in jaipur, DigiMark has the expertise and the experience to design the perfect Social Media Strategy for your business and attract the ideal customers to your website.


SEO Company in India

SEO Company in India

Would you like your company domain to appear on the first page of Google?

SEO helps you get continuous leads organically. It is the one-stop solution to organic marketing and reputation building on online. We specialize in various types of SEO techniques, which maintains the leads inflow at maximum quality.

How to Select Right SEO Company

Tips for choosing the right SEO Company for your Business

1. Does the Agency rank on Search:

First you need to check if they are ranking their website for their own keywords are not. If they can rank themselves there is a higher chance that they can rank your company as well. If they can’t then God know how they will rank yours. There are companies who are doing ads for SEO company. Beware of them. There are 2 possibilities that will happen. 1.) They convince you to spend for Google ads and its impossible to rank in website on first rank. 2.) They will try and give you a costing which you cant ignore. So before selecting any SEO company you need to see their SEO keywords rankings below are the keywords.

  • SEO company in india
  • SEO companies in india
  • SEO agency in india
  • SEO services in india
  • SEO agencies in india
  • Best SEO company in india
  • Top SEO company in india
2. Knowledge & Processes (Plan):

This is one if the important point to remember before selecting any SEO company in india. Firstly SEO results are unpredictable, but there is a higher chance you can achieve better ranking if you have a road map or a plan. Without that no SEO agency can achieve results.

3. Previous Works:

The 3rd most important thing to consider is if the SEO company has any case studies. Doesn’t matter if they don’t have any case studies from your industry. Based on their previous work you will get a fair idea if the SEO agency can help you in bringing your website on top of Google.

4. Pricing

Everything has a cost price. The higher the effort the higher the price. There are more than 800 SEO companies in india. So due to competition some agencies quote very low. The companies who charge you less work on bulk basis and there is a higher chance your projects is one among 100’s. The lesser the price the less quality of service.

5. Research:

Now a days every company does a basic to high level research before coming for a meeting. Everyone comes with almost same type of report. The only way for you to identify right SEO company is based on asking few questions and competitors research. The better insights they give you the better the agency will be.

6. Beware of Fake companies:

Last but not least important tip is beware of fraud companies. Based on our experience 80% of SEO companies are all fake. They hardly have any idea how SEO really works. They are the ones who is spoiling the SEO industry. Companies are loosing hope on SEO agencies confused whom to really trust. Also these companies follow all black-hat techniques and rank themselves for couple of months. Few of the examples are exact match domains companies. Avoid any SEO company that promises anything like the following:

  • Overnight rankings
  • Doubled traffic
  • Instant leads
  • Search engine submissions
  • X amount of backlinks
  • Any sort of ROI projections

Contact Us :
Email :
Phone & Whatsapp : +919782070818
Skype : Todayinfotech


Hire Dedicated SEO Expert

Hire Dedicated SEO Expert

If you want to take your business to the next level with an online presence, you are on the right page.

SEO helps in generating new leads by presenting the business to both global and local viewers, thereby generating potential customers.

Hence, your company website or mobile application is incomplete until you hire dedicated SEO expert India. Today, you will come across many SEO services providers who promise you with high aspiration.

To help you out on your search for the best, this article explains all the services that only an SEO expert specialized in providing business SEO services will ensure you.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that increases the quality and quantity of website traffic by optimizing it to the users of a search engine.

If SEO is applied, the website appears on the top of the search engine result page (SERP) whenever a user searches for similar products with keywords. In SEO, there are different techniques used and some important techniques are on-page and off-page SEO, local SEO, etc.

Let us initiate with an introduction to some key elements of SEO. These elements are necessary to fulfill your business SEO services.

These are –

Initial SEO Audit

Before starting the SEO, an initial SEO audit helps to analyze the functionality and quality of the existing website. There are various types of SEO audits.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords help in optimizing the visibility of a webpage. Researching with the highly searched keywords initiate the SEO campaigns.

On page SEO

This includes multiple elements like meta tags, descriptions, content to enhance the on-page optimization of a website.

Link Building

Also known as off-page business SEO services, link building calculates the popularity of the web page on the internet.

Content Marketing

As a way of communicating with the visitors, content helps in generating leads to a website. Text, image, video are different forms of content on a website.

Video Marketing

Proven to be one of the most effective ways of online marketing, videos are content that helps in generating leads.

5 Benefits of Business SEO Services from Freelance dedicated SEO expert India:

1. High website traffic:

When the search engine users search online for some similar products you are dealing with, SEO helps you to reach out to them. When those users visit your website, web traffic naturally increases.

2. Grow brand popularity:

For every business owners, creating a brand identity and maintaining the same seems like a challenge. By increasing the website visibility in search engines like Google or Yahoo, SEO can help you to earn a brand value within a couple of weeks.

3. Beat the competitors:

If you aspire to compete with the big companies, business SEO services can pave the path for you. By creating an outstanding SEO strategy, you can make an excellent company profile online and win the race in the long run.

4. Increase purchase:

The ultimate business goal of online marketing is to increase sales and SEO is a tool that makes it happen. It helps you to connect to the interested buyers via customer relation service, which can show you a rapid change in sales.

5. High conversion rates:

Monitoring the website traffic is possible with the SEO and this can show you new ways in improving your business. Creating a user-friendly, fast loadable and simple website needs to be the aim for achieving a high conversion rate.



SEO Freelance Services by Best SEO Expert in India.

Wanna Rank high in SERP Hire Best SEO expert in India

Got SEO questions??? Contact us through email or call us +91 9782070818 for an instant, free consultation on your professional SEO consulting needs!

Beyond my SEO work in India, I am getting more and more requests for either individual, “on-site” instruction in search engine optimization (SEO) for hi-tech companies. I also work as a corporate SEO trainer (On-Site or Online) to organize your marketing team and help you create a coherent SEO Marketing Plan. Any company that depends on Google to draw web traffic is a great match. After all, Google is the No. 1 way that customers find vendors in almost every market!

That said, I am available as a professional SEO / Search Engine Optimization consultant or SEO freelance services in India or global too.

Professional SEO Consultant (Corporate Trainer) – India – Deliverables:

Best SEO Expert in India

Today Infotech SEO Freelancer & Consultant work with companies nation-wide, but often I consult with companies in India. Because of the Internet, it doesn’t really matter where your company is physically located. What matters is that you want to get to the top of Google’s free listings, using SEO, and I can consult with you on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs. best SEO expert in India provide professional SEO Freelance Work & consulting based on the following search optimization tasks –

Goal Assessment – what are your SEO goals? It is to drive web traffic? Is it to get registrations? Is it to get “click-and-buy” actions? Without a clear idea of your goals, you will never know if you succeed.

Keywords – Keywords are the foundation of good Internet marketing and SEO. I will work with you to develop a robust, insightful keyword worksheet.

On Page Optimization – Many websites are poorly optimized, at best. I will identify the best tags for you and position your keywords inside those tags. In addition, I will work with you on Web-friendly content.

Off Page Optimization – getting links is just the beginning. There are many tricks to the trade of link generation, and I know them all. I have an extensive PR and marketing background that is more than just technical SEO.

Metrics – Google Analytics and beyond. Today everything is about metrics, including your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Let me teach you the best ways to get metrics.

I have a complete bio on my professional search engine optimization consultant experience, so please check that out. Any questions? Please contact me as your potential customers are out there searching, today!
SEO Freelancer & Consultant – India

I work with clients all over the world on their Search Engine Optimization, but many clients prefer to meet face-to-face. If you are not in Jaipur, India, don’t worry. I work with many companies on their SEO needs over the phone and Internet, using the Gotowebinar software to consult with you as if I were in your office. For really large SEO corporate training projects, I can even travel! But, that said, if you prefer to meet face to face, and are in the Jaipur, we can formulate a great professional SEO consulting relationship –

SEO (search engine optimization) :-

According to best SEO expert in India,Today Infotech In this digitalized world, you just started your online business and make a website ,it’s not enough.

you should think about your website and be sure that it is optimized for success and for growing up your business online. Now-a-days, the competition level is very high online, so your company need to go effectively in the competition.

SEO is the accelerator of the website. SEO is the way that make sure your business website is found by searchers who need exactly what you are offering.

In simple words, you will be seen in google results when your customers searches for services you are offering exactly.


SEO is basically the process of designing and optimizing a website to come in the top list of search engine organic list. SEO is of two types: Onpage (Title, Description, URLs, Tags, Internal Links, and Content) and Offpage (backlinks and social media marketing).

For SEO work obviously you need a Best SEO expert in India, Contact us.

What i will do for you ?

Website Overview – I perform a thorough inspection of your website, working as a detective would checking all past work done on the website to ensure it’s cohesive to all SEO procedures for canonical structure, site speed and all the other important on page SEO factors. This part of the service is where things can get a little more technical.

Traffic Generating Keywords and Analysis- This is a very important stage of our SEO procedure. I research keywords that will generate high volumes of traffic and conversion for your new potential clients. Mastering your niche market and giving you that ROI you are striving for to grow your business. You will be advised with a keywords list and traffic counts but ultimately you will have the final say in what keywords we go after.

Competition Reverse Engineering – This is by far one of the most important steps in our SEO procedure. We will find out what competing companies are generating traffic in the top positions, and then we will go through all the backlinks and site structure to find out what is providing these top rankings. With a combination of Today Infotech top ranking factors and my best practices will have a combination of Search Engine Optimization that will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Monthly Reports and Meetings – This is one of our favorite parts of the procedure. It’s not just an email with a ranking report, each month we will connect via Skype or phone to discuss the traction we have gained in the search engines. We will then discuss monthly plans and any and all questions will be answered. Today infotech prides himself on good, constant communication and going the extra mile for his clients.

All technical services and information will be included in SEO Quote.

This overview details the steps to our success. Please let me know if you are interested in the more technical side of my SEO services I will be happy to discuss that with you as i proceed.


“Content is King” We all have heard that , a very common phrase we come across when blogging but is that all? , what do you think about it? I do agree that content is king but what if that content is not reaching out to the people , or people cannot reach out to your content.

So whats the point of having this content when it cannot reach out to your potential readers for who you are trying to post here for , am I right?

No doubt how interesting your content is, but without the right tools how can you reach out to them?

I will show you 5 must have tools for blogging that you need to convey your message to the world.

On-page SEO

What On page Search Engine optimization means is that you should add meta description to your website, for example, all your pages should have H1 title and description tags. This way not only people can know what your site is about but google will go through your website and list you in their search engine and send targeted people to your website.

Tools Recommended for On page SEO:-

  • SEO Yoast
  • SEO Pressor

Off Page SEO

Another important part of SEO is off page , off page seo is mainly getting links to your site, Google calls these links as votes the more you have, the more reputation you will get from google. This kind of link building is highly not encouraged by google because google wants your website to get link naturally but many people are creating backlinks manually, before creating these links make sure you are getting links from high authority sites and make them look as natural as you can.

One link from high authority site is better than 100 crappy backlinks and crappy backlinks can get your site penalized by google.

Few off page linking methods:-

  • Press release submission
  • Blog submission
  • Forum
  • Business listing
  • Event submission
  • Guest posts on good blogs
  • Submit content to Article directories
  • RSS aggregators
  • Blogroll links (don’t buy them, get from your friend on similar niche)

Please don’t use any automatic tool for off page link building! it can penalize your website and might not ever recover.