Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website

Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website

1. Blogger Outreach:

Blogger outreach is about building relationships. You can find social influencers or bloggers in your niche who has good social following. You can connect with them and get your product reviewed from them to leverage the benefits of their social following. You can offer your product to them for free in turn.

Blogger outreach can be used for Guest Posting, Product reviews, Increasing awareness and many other things. Lets discuss few of them and some tools which you can use for Blogger Outreach.

A. Guest Posting: Many people thinks that Guest Posting doesn’t work anymore as Google doesn’t value it much. But that’s not true. Guest Posting is still a strong tool to get traffic and increase awareness about your product.

You can find websites relevant to your business that has guest authors and asks them to write about your product and services to increase your brand visibility online.

B. Get Your Product Reviewed: It always helps if someone having large following can review your product and write about it. There are many social influencers who review products and share their views with their readers. You can offer your product to them for free to them in turn.

Few tools that can help you in finding such influencers. We call them influencer search engines.

Followerwonk: This is the best service to find influencers for your niche. You can type the key search term related to your business and find the twitter profiles having good following. Then you can approach them or connect with them.

NinjaOutreach: Probably one of the best prospecting and outreach tool available, you can search for influencers either via social prospecting, content prospecting (the content they write), or live search (search engines). Just type in a keyword like ‘food blogger’ and you should be able to see tons of results from their database. The outreach part makes it easier to connect with influencers.

To sum it up, this tool can help you find Influencers, build a list, reach out, and save time.

Blogdash: Blogdash is the best tool to help you finding targetted bloggers/influencers who can write about your product or services. Its very important to find the appropriate blogger who can write for you and blogdash makes it easy for you to find that blogger in your industry.

You can create a campaign, find bloggers, pitch them and track the progress.


Instagram is the most promising marketing source for ecommerce business owners. Its all about sharing photos and business owners can use it in creative ways to drive traffic and convert the visitors to sales.

You can share your product images to Instagram by using appropriate hashtags to get the attention of users and that can be a huge plus to your store. Its not like you just take a picture of your product and post it to Instagram and wait for likes, it doesn’t work like that. The photos should be created well to grab the  attention. For example, check this photo how they creatively they showcased their services by these photos. We took this from Instagram account of We Work. We work provides shared office space across the world so its obvious that they will post photos of their office space but check the way they took the photos which say it all about their offerings. They have also included their slogan in that. It bounds the visitor or followers to share the photo and that do the rest.

Use appropriate hashtags to increase the reach of your photos. You can prepare a set of hashtags for each photo by typing it in the post area and see how many other posts are there with the same hashtag, it will give you an idea about the popularity of that hashtag as well.

Add your website URL in the bio section of the Instagram profile so people can find your website from there.

Run contests to get user generated photos and create engagement. After all its all about creating engagement. Let users posts photos using your brand name as hashtags and set a prize for them for best photo. You can do something like that.

Hire a professional photographer and get some nice clicks of your products to post on social media platforms that can drive more traffic.

You can embed your Instagram photos on your website as well in the form of a slideshow or grid of pictures.

You can add a Shop By Instagram Widget on your store which can allow customers to buy by clicking on Instagram pictures. See the example below how Andy and Evan Inc. did on their website. Its a kids apparel brand.



How our SEO Experts can help

How our SEO Experts can help

If you are looking for professional SEO services in USA then Today Infotech is where you need to be. A good SEO strategy increases your business’s online visibility. SEO experts at Today Infotech produce propriety strategies that are guaranteed to perform. We have talented, experienced and professional SEO team. We have worked along with Brands and Small sized business. We believe in long-term relationship with clients and we assure that your web pages gain top positions on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We as best SEO company provides you the following and more upon your demands:-

SEO Consultancy

Every business structure is unique. That uniqueness should be reflected in its online marketing strategy in order to distinguish itself from the competition. Our team consists of the best SEO experts in USA. Our Search Engine Optimization services can be customized according to your business objectives. We discuss your objectives with you before coming up with an SEO marketing strategy that brings your business the best value.How our SEO Experts can help

Market and Keyword Research

An SEO marketing strategy that is optimized according to popular keywords is equipped for success. Our experts research keywords by keeping your target audience and business objectives in mind. Today Infotech designs keyword optimized strategies that are designed to work.How our SEO Experts can help

White Hat SEO

Today Infotech offers services that are White Hat. Shady SEO practices do not sustain a business for long and often incur penalties from Google. All of our SEO services company is designed to sustain your online campaigns for the long term. We will upgrade your campaign according to changing demands while you focus on other responsibilities.

Social Media Marketing

A good online marketing strategy is not only optimized for the web; it is optimized for social media as well. An SEO campaign that is geared towards popular social networking websites like G+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc, help us take your campaign to the next level.How our SEO Experts can help

On Page SEO

This is the most important and also first step towards your SEO campaign. We help you to identify keywords that search engines love and that fit your campaign the best. Hire SEO expert to optimize your website for performance such as site speed, structure and other initiatives. On Page SEO includes:

  • Keyword Research
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • ALT tags Optimization
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Sitemap Generation
  • User Friendly
  • Linking structure
  • W3C Validation

Off Page SEO

Hire SEO expert research your business according to the specific industry that it specializes in by perusing the most popular content. We create valuable content based on our research and that can be shared on popular social media to link back to. Our expertise lies in gaining back links with key influencers that show Google that your web pages are a good source for your chosen keywords. Off Page SEO includes:

  • Link Popularity Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Anchor text analysis
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission and Directory Submission
  • Business listing
  • Article and Blog Submission
  • Forum Posting and Blog commenting
  • Maintenance

Reporting & Analysis

We keep all communications open with our clients. Frequent contact ensures that your SEO campaigns are run according to YOUR standards. Our SEO experts understand that you have a business to run and consult with you according to your schedule. Weekly reports on analytics, ranking, visibility and revenue ensure that you remain in the loop at all times.


Ways To Balance The Technical And Non-Technical SEO

Although strategies and tactics differ very much for the non-technical and technical SEO, even the experts feel that it is very difficult to make them work together. Each of them has their own powers, but if they are combined then it can create magic.


Non-technical and technical SEO should never be pitted against each other, rather both should be used as they are very critical for the success of your campaigns and health of your site. Technical SEO is the framework and content are built on it, which ensures that each part if optimized and structured for the discoverability of the search engine and human consumption.

Here are a few things that can help you balance technical and non-technical SEO:

– Comprehend the role of the technical SEO in your company: nowadays, technical SEO has become an entirely separate function from development. You need to make your SEO and content team work together in order to establish the goals.

– Balance the On-page and off-page optimization: both of these strategies provide you different benefits, but their impact on the performance of your content is dramatic. So, you must try to balance them.Non-technical and technical SEO should never be pitted against each other, rather both should be used as they are very critical for the success of your campaigns and health of your site.

On page SEO: you need to define the responsibilities of each type of SEO. Like, decide what all tasks belong to technical SEO and what all belongs to non-technical SEO.

– Work SEO into the overflow of your content: Traditionally, the publishers and magazines used to make use of the in-house style guide to draw their rules and regulations regarding content. All this stuff is an important tool for the brands to create a consistency in tone and style.