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National SEO

We can help set-up a national SEO campaign for your business, which is designed to help your brand become more visible to a national audience. We will integrate unique strategies with your current marketing campaign, so that you consistently rank higher on search engines, and market yourself to the national audience. Our SEO consultants will work closely with your in-house marketing team to establish your business goals, and then optimize your products and services for the national market.

We will offer complete support and assistance in our national SEO campaigns, and can create a tailored national campaign. This will ensure that you can target and reach out to a greater number of people, and expand the range of your products and services. A national SEO campaign is vital for any business that has ambitions of going to the next level, and we have experience in devising different national campaigns for businesses in various industries. Our expertise in national SEO allows us to come up with successful national campaigns.


Digital Marketing Company Thailand

Digital Marketing Company Thailand

The marketing world is in the midst of a digital transformation. While connecting with audiences through television, billboards, radio and newspapers were once the norm, today digital marketing is becoming the new king of the advertising world. With over 3 billion people across the globe accessing the internet on a regular basis, digital marketing offers business owners a tremendous opportunity to connect with an endless number of potential customers. What’s more, the internet doesn’t sleep. Advertisers can sell their products and services to prospects locally or around the globe 24 hours a day.
Unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital marketing also offers business owners the opportunity to communicate with consumers quickly. Digital publishing and advertising enable you to share your message almost instantaneously, which allows you to respond to market changes, share timely promotions and get your message out fast.

Social Media also enables business owners to expand their reach in the digital world. While marketing your business on social media can be a daunting and nerve-wracking task, the business opportunities are unbelievable. Bangkok’s Siam Paragon has consistently been named one of the most Instagrammed locations in the world and, with 30 million registered users, Bangkok is the most active Facebooking city on the planet. For Thailand business owners, that means you have an unprecedented ability to reach new customers on these and other social media platforms.

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Pay As You Go SEO

Pay As You Go SEO

Are you worried about the daunting possibility of being stuck in to a long-term commitment of shelling out large amounts of monthly payments for your SEO if it becomes evident that the service is not what it first seemed? If the answer is “yes” to these questions then we can offer you a more flexible alternative!

Here at TBS we are so confident in our ability to deliver you results that we do not tie any of our clients in to long contracts as most other companies do.

We are assured in the quality of our work and we want it to speak for itself

Why do we work like this? – We completely understand some businesses may be hesitant to commit to a contract or invest in an SEO campaign without being sure of what their ROI will be or if they will see any positive results for their SEO costs.

We want you to feel confident that you are in safe hands with us and we hope that our flexibility goes some way to giving new clients peace of mind to come on board with us.

If we do not do a good job for you then you are free to leave – simple

At TBS Marketing we aim to build trust with all of our customers. We are here to help and enjoy in your success and we hope the fact that we do not require you to enter in to a long-term contract for our services will give new clients that extra boost to partner with us.

With our know-how and skill set and your trust we will get your website climbing up the Google ladder, increase your traffic and site visits for your target market and present a great return for your investment.

If you would like to take advantage of any of our search optimisation services, or have any questions you would like to ask us please feel free to Contact us today!!

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Local SEO

Local SEO

There are many obvious reasons for this and it is especially notable for businesses within the retail or food industry for example – where customers may want results returned of restaurants or shops they can easily contact, visit or maybe receive a delivery from?

Google and all other search engines are always striving to be as convenient for the user as possible – and for the reason that a large proportion of them are particularly interested in Local search results (be that a town, city, region or even country), they are displaying local search results wherever applicable.

It seems as Google continuously tweak, amend and add to their complex search algorithms they are placing more and more weight on Google Local listings.

Whatever type of business you are, at TBS Marketing we believe it is important to incorporate Local SEO were possible within an SEO campaign.

Local SEO listings allows you to create more detailed information about your business including pictures, ratings, reviews, contact details, directions how to reach it and if done properly will drive extra attention to your listing. Extra attention means more potential sells and brand awareness. Local SEO will help drive highly targeted traffic to your website – and the kind of traffic that converts!

It is also a great tool for enabling you to gather invaluable information and feedback on what many of your customers feel about your business, products or services. From analysing feedback from ratings and reviews you can see what customers like/don’t like, what is working and what is not, what areas your customers are coming from, suggestions of improvements that can be made – the opportunities and possibilities are endless!

A dedicated account manager at TBS will consult directly with you on how we will optimise your Local SEO results as part of your SEO package to boost local traffic, increase brand awareness and credibility and drive up your sales!

We will continuously analyse, feedback and discuss your results with our regular progress reports and are confident that you will be delighted with the results.

If you would like to find out more and discuss our services or the opportunity of working with us, please feel free to Contact Us today and one of our experts will be happy to take the call.

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Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO

If you want your site ranking high on the major search engines then having quality and relevant sources on the web linking to your site in a natural and realistic way is fundamental in achieving this aim.

Having backlinks pointing or directing customers to your site gives your website more authority in the eyes of search engines.

It can be compared to having “votes” from outside sources which Google, Yahoo and Bing will value (and why not) and therefore give your website more prominence and push it up the rankings when customers search for your relevant keywords!

Natural Link Building Services
So how do you go about building your popularity, creating these votes and getting the search engines noticing them?

To build a successful link campaign with the ultimate aim of achieving the top search results for relative keywords to your site we will devise and implement a bespoke off-page strategy. We will use multiple methods and types of safe link building techniques which positively complement each other and increase the authority of your site on the search engines.

Consulting directly with you, we will put together a comprehensive and realistic plan of action of how we will improve and grow the strength of your link profile to increase valuable traffic to your site.

This is not something that can be done carelessly, aggressively or over-night and any website attempting to use such methods risks the wrath of Google and co when they eventually catch up and potentially penalise the site – it is just not worth it!

Using our industry knowledge, resources and SEO expertise we will organically build your link profile in a natural way over time and we are confident you will see a direct improvement of your sites rankings in relation to our work.

Every campaign we do will be different depending on the business, the market you are involved in, your budget and what you want to achieve.

We will compile a bespoke natural link-building strategy for you, incorporating an optimum mix and variety of quality and relevant different link types.

We will continuously monitor and report back on our progress and, where necessary, make any adjustments we need to improve our results.

We enjoy working with our clients and care passionately about creating you success and we are positive we can! We are always interested in any feedback our clients might have for us during the campaign and want to ensure you are happy and well informed at all times with the way the campaign is going.

To see some of the feedback we have received from our happy customers please click here

If you would be interested in working with us or would like to find out more about how we can help your business please contact us today and a member of The Business SEO will be happy to talk to you!

Or click here to find out more about what Onsite SEO can do for your website traffic.

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SEO Expert and Consultant

hi my name is Sachin Jain , an seo expert and internet marketing expert and Seo Consultant.if you are looking for professional seo expert and consultant then i am here to help you out because once you’ve hired an expert, will seriously contribute to your success.When you know how much it is involved in achieving real success on the Web, you’ll appreciate why it is that intelligent business owners, like yourself, contract with a specialized professional expert SEO like myself.

Also my website is here to help and teach you about some seo techniques .there is page by page seo tutorial to teach you every aspect of search engine optimization.

Also you get keyword suggestion tool in my website where you can search good and effective keywords for your online business. there is section where you can find you google rank , Alexa rank , Yahoo backlinks so that you can utilize that information in all your online business.

For your free website quote by SEO EXPERT & Consultant
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Link Popularity Building

Page Rank | Link Popularity

Link building has always been a popular topic. In the very beginning links were virtually the only way to get visitors to a site, because search engines were not exist at that time . When search engines grew to be the major and most important source of the web traffic, links not lose their weight, as search engine algorithms started to rank sites according to the quantity and quality of their incoming links.
Maybe you do not have the time or you dont know how to do link building for your Web site. Or maybe you have hired a company to do link building before, but they did not meet your expectations. Either way, your problem is simple: you need links that actually drive targeted traffic and increase link popularity of your site.
I Will Provide you :

1. In our LINK BUILDING service We guarantee minimum PR2 Also PR2+ Websites.
2. Links are permanent.
3. Links will be placed on pages having less than 70-80 links on the page.
4. After completion of job I wil provide a Comprehensive link report showing the location of all placed links
What we want from you :

1. Anchor Text .
2. Url .
3. Description .
4. Your Email .


SEO Content Writing

“The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.” – Edwin Arthur Schlossberg

Professional content writing services to pull heavy traffic to your sites.

I provide content writing services to my customers so as to Increase relevant traffic from search engine. I can do web content creation for any kind of website.Just give us the points you’d like to cover and we’ll present your website information in a clear, effective way.
My Content Writing Services includes :

1. Web content Writing .
2. Creative Content writing.
3. Article content writing.
4. Research writing
5. Newsletters.
6. Seo Writing (Important) .
Some Points for good Content Writing :

1. Before writing, ask yourself why visitors have come to your site. What do they want to know?
2. Grab visitors with headlines, but don’t try to be clever .
3. Keep it simple.
4. Keep it interesting and relevant .
SEO writing (Important)

What’s the use of having a brilliantly written website if internet search engines fail to pick it up ?
search engines help users find web pages on a given keyword. The search engines maintain databases of websites and use spiders (A set of programm) to collect information, which they then index.
SEO means ‘search engine optimisation’. This is a technique of preparing a website to increase its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine Pages (SERPs).
Placing and positioning the right amount of ‘key words’ and on the right place of your web pages means that your website get more chance of rising up the search engine rankings.


Article Writing and Submission Services

Professional Article writing services to pull & attract heave traffics to your sites.

One way links pointing to your site is very important factors that make high search engine ranking But it takes very long time to get links from relevant content websites.
By using my article submission service you are free to manage your time in some other useful activities.I will be submit your articles to a bunch of directories . Also you will receive a submission report after submissions are complete.
I will also write your keyword optimized articles about your product, service or area of expertise.

Article writing and submission Advantages :

1. Increase more qualified visitors to your website : People will read your articles on other websites and directories, read them and click the link that is coming to your website. Many will buy from you.The visitor who actually spend the time to read your full article and click the link to your website are very interested in that product. Therefore a good percentage of them were buyers.
2. Increase your search engine rankings : Articles are keyword optimized and include links pointing to your website. These articles will increase your search engine rankings and sometimes the articles themselves rank in the top 10 of the search engine within a week.
My Article Writing and Submission Service Includes:

1. Professional Article Writing : I will research and write a professional article that is both keyword (SEO) optimized while Keep it interesting and relevant and written while keeping in mind your target audience, that will increase their desire.
2. Hand-Submissions to Sites : I hand submit your article to hundreds of sites. This will ensure your article gets shown on as many sites as possible to increse your traffic and link popularity.


PPC Campaign Management Service

I provide following :

1. Pricing in your budget
2. Serving to both small and mid-size businesses
3. Website analysis to understand your website’s PPC requirements
4. Extensive Keyword research
5. Selection of Optimal keywords
6. Campaign Reports
7. Good service
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPCA) :

1) Pay-Per-Click Advertising makes use of high traffic to guarantee you maximum exposure.
2) Pay-Per-Click Advertising allows you to meet your potential clients halfway.
3) Pay-Per-Click Advertising maximises your advertising spending.
Daily Millions of people use Google and Yahoo to search for information everyday, research something they are interested in, or purchase something. As of March 2007, approximately 1,114,274,426 people worldwide use the Internet, according to Internet World Stats.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Advertising evolved from the way people use search engines to offer you online advertising for any ‘keyword phrase’ that is related to your business.When people conduct searches on the internet, they first get on a search engine site like Google, MSN, or Yahoo to name a few, then they key in a ‘keyword phrase’ of what they are looking for.
With PPC advertising you decide exactly who sees your advertisement by selecting the most relevant keywords, thus maxmising on your advertising spending.

4) PPCA allows you to calculate REAL advertising cost and ACCURATE conversion rate

5) PPCA is advertising at a PROMINENT spot

PPC advertising allows you the means to accurately calculate the real cost and value of advertising – it is a quantifiable method that also records accurate conversion rates.

PPC advertising you can also track the individual results of each keyword phrase, which means keywords producing the best results and those producing no results are easily identified.

Then, by stopping advertising on non-performing keywords and increasing advertising on performing keywords, you will gain maximum return on investment. When somebody conducts a search on Google (or Yahoo) there are two types of search results: the free listings, in the centre of the page, and the sponsored links, on the right hand side of the page (and sometimes above the free listings). With PPC advertising, you ad is displayed in the sponsored links section of the results .

6) The cost effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising