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Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development

The moment we say web portal development, most people mistake it to regular website development. There’s some difference between a web portal and a website. While a website is collection of web pages, web portal is a web gateway that has a wide array of resources such as e-mail, forum, search engine, etc.

The best example of a web portal is Yahoo! It offers e-mail services, discussion forums, search engine, news, games, and a lot other services. So the point here is Today Infotech also specializes in providing web portal development services. It has so far catered to tens of clients and still continues to do so.

Why does a business need a Portal?

First things first, when you can build a website at low cost, why spend so much money to build a portal? A web portal aggregates all the content on one page, unlike a website where the information is scattered on different web pages. Besides that, it offers a single point entry to its users to access everything on the website. Thus, it makes easier for the users to use a portal instead of a normal website.

How We Create a Web Portal?

Today Infotech gives its clients the necessary web development solutions they require. But not just like that. There’s a procedure we follow to create websites and also web portals. A brief about the procedure we follow:

Assess Client’s Requirements – Apparently, this is the first step towards creation of a web portal. Being portal developers, it’s our primary duty to know what clients are actually looking for. So we gather information before initiating the work.

We find the type of portal our clients want us to build, know who their target audience is, what are features required on the portal, how much is their budget, so on and so forth. Only after we’ve a detailed report about the project, we move to the next step.

Create Portal Development Plan – Team at Today Infotech has access to plenty of software programs for portal development. And there are plenty of portal development options out there too. Therefore, after assessing client’s requirements, we decide which software program is suitable and how to go about with overall development work.

We create a plan and see to it that it’s well-executed. This ensures that everything is according to client’s needs and their budget.

Execute the Plan – Deadlines are created so that plans are executed on-time. Then continuous action by our professional team leads to a well planned and customized web portal that client wanted.

Complete web portal development procedure is discussed in just three steps. Whereas, we do consider many things as and when needed to create a web portal.

Hire Today Infotech

To know more about our web portal development service, kindly click on the contact us page and fill the form. You can request a quote using it, or get in touch with us through phone, email, or Skype using the details mentioned. It won’t take more than 2 minutes for you to outsource your web development work to an established and experienced company. What are you waiting for?


Java development services

Java development services

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By adhering agile software development & web app development practices we have delivered large scale complex projects on java with utmost perfection. With skilled software developer working on Software development and web app development Today Infotech has mastered java application development services and java web development services to become a pioneering Java development company. We offer following java development services.

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