SEO Analysis

Gone are the days when you can simply put content on your website and expect people to find you. In fact, those days are long gone. If you’re noticing traffic on your site declining, it’s likely because your SEO isn’t up to par and you’re falling behind your competition in search engine results. But before you begin making big changes to your site in an effort to gain more traffic, performing an SEO analysis will tell you where you’re losing traffic.

Where to Start

Performing an SEO analysis is like performing surgery without an X-ray or MRI as a guide. You know there’s an issue, but you don’t know where to start looking. There are symptoms, but the doctor has to hunt and peck to find what the underlying cause is of those symptoms. And when there’s no initial diagnosis, the doctor may perform surgery on the wrong organ. Not only does this not fix the problem, it could have devastating effects on your health.

Luckily, doctors are well-educated on where to start and how to take care of any underlying issues. Even better, they know where to look and how to figure out where the symptoms are coming from. And at SEO Expert, we are too. We have a checklist and software to use as a guide as we dive into your website and make sure you’re getting the best search engine optimization for your buck. Crawling tools allow us to look at your site just like a major search engine would, and how that search engine behaves on a variety of devices.

To start, we’ll take a look at where you’re ranking now and what you’re doing to get there. This helps us determine if your actions are effective and what we can do to move you forward. If something’s not working, we need to know why so we can map out the best course of action down the road. And that’s where the SEO analysis comes in.

Analyze Your Competition

When you want to beat out the competition, you need to take a close look at what they’re doing. This means identifying who your competition is and truly analyzing their websites. And don’t just taking a cursory look—we dive deep.

There are programs out there that can help you do this research, and it’s not something you should skimp on. Because odds are, your competition is taking a close look at your website too.

When comparing your website with your competition, we’ll take a look at the type and relevance of their keywords and determine where they’re getting hits. We’ll also establish how relevant the content is. Is it optimized? Are social metrics on target? This allows us to perform a deep comparison of your online presence with your competition, which helps to decide where to focus your SEO management. Read on for more detailed information about what we’re looking at.