freelance SEO consultant

freelance SEO consultant

freelance SEO consultant: SEO services aim to increase the amount of organic traffic that lands on your website. Organic traffic comes directly from Google searches. It’s extremely qualified and very profitable to target.

Increase conversions

Increased traffic leads to increased conversions for your website. The increased exposure that comes with SEO will allow your business to sell more products to more customers.

High ROI

SEO can be much cheaper than marketing through other digital marketing channels such as PPC. This means it’s possible to generate a high return on your SEO marketing spend.

Cheaper than an SEO company

Working with a freelance SEO expert can work out much cheaper than working with an agency. My overheads are significantly lower than a traditional SEO company.

No SEO agency headaches

Working with an SEO freelancer directly makes for a much more streamlined experience. You work and communicate with me directly – no SEO agency bloat in sight.

Location independent

Even though I’m a freelance SEO consultant in Leeds, I work with businesses in Sheffield, Manchester, and all around the UK. All I need to work with you is an email address and the occasional Skype or phone call.

No nasty contracts

I don’t work with long, restrictive contracts. My freelance SEO clients are free to scale up and down as they please, all I require is 30 days notice to tie up any loose ends. Work can be handled on an ongoing monthly basis or as a one off project.

Never mis-sold

I am very selective about the type of client that I work with. If I don’t think I’m the right fit for your project, I will tell you beforehand. I also only take on a set amount of SEO consultancy clients at any one time which means my time is never oversold.

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