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ON Page SEO – Make Your Website More SEO Friendly

ON page SEO is very important task in SEO. If your website doesn’t have proper ON pageoptimization then Google will not index your website properly. ON page optimization is theprocess where we do analysis your website and make your website more SEO friendly.

In our SEO services and SEO packages we do check all important ON page aspects like Metatags, keywords density, internal page linking, website navigation, website content,sitemap, robots.txt, analytic and webmaster tool, broken links, W3C validation errors, 404custom error, check responsive, header-footer, keywords stuffing, heading tags, image &alt tags, keywords font styles, canonical issue, website loading time, dynamic pages, URLstructure, gateway and doorway pages etc. And we do ON page optimization before startingthe link building work.

Means, if you want quick indexing in any search engine then your website should be free ofall errors and should be more SEO friendly.

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Hire SEO experts

Hire SEO experts

As we all know in the past SEO was a rather simple task, you just had to integrate somekeywords into the content of your website and maybe create a few links, not really takinginto consideration the quality of either and presto you ended up somewhere near the top ofa search engine‘s list.

Nowadays, however, SEO has become a science that is best left to the experts. SEO expertscan and will make sure your website ranks high on search engine lists. How?

Once you Hire SEO experts at  Today infotech they will review your sitecontent or structure and find out what is wrong with either one or both combined to findout why your website is ranking low, while comparing it to the websites of yourcompetitors.

Our SEO experts will then go on to provide technical advice on website development: forexample, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript which will in turn be used tocorrect any existent problems.

The next step is Content development. The quality of a website, which plays a major rolein its rankings, has become vital to Search engine optimization. Your content needs to beunique, informative, easily understood and above all error free. Thus, the creation ofyour website‘s content should be handled by experts who have the expertise and the knowledge to do so whilst targeting your audience and increasing returning traffic.

Another key element which should be handled by a search engine optimization expert is theManagement of online business development campaigns that include social media,advertising, the creation of trustworthy and dependable links as well as other marketingstrategies.

It is important that you Hire SEO experts with expertise in specific markets and geographies, meaning that they should know how to target local as well as global markets.Our team of SEO experts at Today infotech provides you witquality localtylocal SEO services.

One of the most important tasks that are carried out by SEO experts is Keyword research.Using the right keywords in combination with all the above is what will ultimately allowyour website to sky-rocket.


Professional SEO Services

Professional SEO Services

SEO Experts offers professional SEO services with full transparency, impeccable customerservice, and some of the most dedicated experts in the business. We‘re old-fashionedenough to believe in integrity and ethics while still being up-to-the-minute on the latestdevelopments and strategies in search engine optimization.

We‘ve been leaders in SEO since 2002, back when search engines were barely born andoptimization was barely an idea. We‘ve seen the trends, the black hat strategies, and theopportunists, and we‘ve concluded that there‘s no substitute for knowing the right way toconduct business. We‘ve seen the rise and fall of many a black hat strategist, and we‘restill standing because we know that the strategies that always work have the virtue ofnever failing.

We‘ve helped thousands of clients, from Fortune 500s to small start-ups, rise through therankings, and we‘ve done it with an A+ BBB rating, 98% client retention, and the officialstatus of being the best SEO services available for Fortune 500 companies.

We‘re good at what we do. And we have the data to prove it.

According to a recent study conducted by MarketingSherpa, SEO is THE most effectivetactic for lead generation, but also among the most difficult.

Your company can focus on the word effective, because we‘re the ones making sure theword difficult isn’t something you need to worry about.

That‘s our job.

We offer affordable SEO services, impossibly great customer service, and the beststrategies available today for every size business, large and small. Contact us now to seewhat we have to offer.

Affordable SEO CompanyOur Process

We promise our clients transparency in our professional SEO services, and we mean it. Thislengthy page describes an overview of the process we go through with every one of ourclients, so you can decide in advance if we‘re delivering everything you need.

You‘ll see a lot of services listed in this process, and we expand on many of them in ourservices section. If you ever have a question about a service, a term, or a strategy wedescribe here, don’t hesitate to get in touch we‘re more than happy to explain in detailevery service we provide before you ever agree to let us provide you with affordable SEOservices.

Without further ado: the SEO Experts Process.

Competitive Analysis

Organic SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When you compete for search engine rankings, you‘renot competing against your former best efforts you‘re competing against other businesseswho are trying to optimize for the same markets.

Most likely your competitors have already put a ton of money and energy into securingtheir dominance for a particular keyword, you ‘d be throwing time and money away trying tocatch up to them in that arena but you could take the rug out from under them byanalyzing their strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities and strategies they‘renot using properly.

That‘s why our process always begins with a competitive analysis: it‘s impossible todetermine the best SEO strategy without looking at your competition first.

We‘ll create a full profile of your SEO standing along with your competitors, anddetermine the areas you can successfully exploit to climb up the rankings and stay at thetop without incurring penalties.

Website Analysis

Once we‘ve taken a hard look at your current SEO standings and those of your competitors,it‘s time to analyze your website‘s performance.

Is your website search engine friendly?
The search engines (particularly Google) have a long list of best practices, and it‘s bestto comply with all of them but in our experience, most businesses are either unaware ofor poorly executing 90% of them.
We make sure your basic online foundation is solid, and this website analysis ensures thatevery aspect of your website is working for you, not against you.

Is your website user friendly?
While we‘re making sure the search engines will look on your website favorably, we‘ll alsomake sure your users are enjoying navigating your site. We‘ll check out your website‘slayout, ensure that all links are working properly and direct to the right places, and ingeneral make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

Search Engine Penalty Analysis

Have you been hit with a Google penalty?
You ‘d be amazed how many business websites are penalized by search engines for blackhat practices even when those businesses had nothing but good intentions.

We‘ll analyze your log files to see if you had any sudden drops in website visitors, whichmay have been caused by search engine penalties or algorithm updates such as Panda,Hummingbird or Penguin updates.

If your website has been affected by any updates or penalties we will create a plan to fixthe areas of your website that are incurring them.
By the time we‘re done, we‘ll eliminate all the components actively working against yourwebsite‘s optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is perhaps the most important part of our strategy process, and it‘s alsothe most misunderstood of all. Most people think we simply pick keywords more or less atrandom if our client is a shoe store in Burbank, we‘ll try to optimize for Burbank shoestore, right?

Not really. Keyword research involves finding out which keywords people use when lookingfor products or services like yours, which keywords are searched most often and howcompetitive these keywords are.

Our keyword research will reveal the best keywords to target, based on search volume,keyword difficulty and relevance.

Keyword Optimization

SEO Experts will optimize client‘s website for up to 50 keywords. Additional keywordoptimization can be provided. Contact your SEO consultant to request additional keywordoptimization.

Meta Data Optimization

You may have heard that keyword tags are no longer relevant for search engines. That‘squite true, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth optimizing the rest of your metadata. Titletags still make a huge impact on your search engine rankings, and optimized descriptiontags ensure the best click-through rates.

Our professional SEO copywriters will create new title tags optimized for search enginesand new description meta tags that will be engaging and compelling to ensure the bestclick-through rates.

Website Architecture Optimization

Website architecture optimization basically consists of four components:

Internal linking structure optimization
Website design optimization
URL optimization
HTML code optimization.
In a nutshell, this simply means that your website‘s internal organization will be easyfor search engines and users alike to navigate, ensuring that every single page of yourwebsite is found, recognized, and properly ranked.
Proper website architecture optimization helps get your content indexed, build relevancyfor your keywords, gives your website more authority, and convert more visitors into leadsor customers.

Website Code Optimization

Ah, the back end where only the most experienced SEO professionals dare to tread.Optimizing the source code for your site isn’t the easiest job, and only the best SEOtechnicians out there understand how to streamline your code so that it‘s easy for spidersto index without compromising the integrity of your website on the front end.

We take care of that, and we also insert relevant keywords into the appropriate, searchenginesanctioned places in the code, further optimizing your site on the back end as wellas the front.

High Quality Link Building

Natural and ethical link building
We only wear white hats here at SEO Experts, which means all of our link earningstrategies are completely ethical and natural sanctioned by the search engines and won’tresult in penalties. Instead, We mainly focus on creating top quality content that peoplelike to share on social media and influential websites in your niche.
We also provide additional natural link building services including blog writing, buildingsocial media profiles, creating and promoting infographics, broken link building, pressrelease optimization and distribution services to list your content on relevant,influential, and authoritative websites.

Earning high quality links
If you‘re going to win front page ranking, you need to get other websites linking toyours. These inbound links from authoritative sites essentially give credibility to yourbusiness in essence, the respected names of the industry are saying to the searchengines: This business is one of ours, and we think it‘s worth recommending to others.
There‘s no easy or fast way to build links; anyone who tells you otherwise is sure to bewearing a black hat in their off hours. Link-building is a long-term strategy, and itcomes into play later in your campaign usually on the heels of content development,because the best way to get other authoritative sites in your niche to link to yourwebsite is to earn their links by creating useful and informative content which they willwant to link to.
We create top quality content which is so compelling, that relevant and influentialwebsites, bloggers and journalists will want to link to your site adding greatly to yoursite‘s authority in the eyes of the spiders.

The more your visitors enjoy coming to spend time on your website, the higher yourrankings will become. High quality content development gives them a reason to hang around and often, to buy some of your services and products while they‘re at it.
Our content development services include providing content of every variety, from articlesand blog posts to website copy and white papers.

Benefits of High Quality Content

Increases conversion rates
Reduces bounce rates
Naturally attracts high quality backlinks
Lower bounce rates and more quality backlinks = better search engine rankings.
Page Speed Optimization Services

When we clean up your code, the spiders index your content quickly and your users areable to load your pages more quickly too. This is hugely valuable to your site‘sauthority; slow sites are penalized by the search engines, and users hate slow-loadingsites more than anything else in the world. A slow site alone can cost you as much as a30% decrease in conversions and lost revenues.
We will analyze your server settings, JavaScript and CSS, images, content, and HTML tofind every possible way to improve page speed performance, which makes the search engineshappy, increases user retention and conversions, cuts download times, reduces bouncerates, and delivers fantastic customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

Improves user experience
Increases conversion rates
Reduces bounce rates
Improves search engine rankings


Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization, aka conversion rate optimization, is the process of improving the user’s experience and fine-tuning your website so that you can convert more website visitors into customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services Are the Key to Sales

SEO breaks down to a few simple tasks: building your brand, getting your company in front of the right people, and convincing them you have what they need.

We do all of that work, and we do it exceptionally well, but all of that work fizzles if you’re not getting what you really want: cold hard sales.

Conversion rate optimization services are how you get the sale in hand. Conversion optimization ensures your click-through rate. Conversion optimization makes your customers pick up the phone and call for a quote. Conversion optimization gets them to click the buy’ button now instead of leaving the tab open for later.

We offer the best conversion rate optimization services around to deliver results you can see in your bottom line.
What Makes Conversion Optimization Work?

When you hire us for SEO services conversion rate optimization, we take a hard look at your sales chain and where you’re losing would-be customers along the way. Some of the most common issues include:

A high bounce rate once visitors arrive at your website
Customers putting an item in a shopping cart and then abandoning it
Prominent, well-written calls to action– that no one is clicking on
We have the analytical skills and SEO experts to find out what isn’t working and how to fix it. Our conversion rate optimization services get your potential customers past that moment of hesitation that loses you the sale.
Our Methodology

Usability Analysis & Optimization

Sometimes, your visitors aren’t buying because they don’t want what you’re selling. It’sno use going after those people– they aren’t interested. But there are lots of people who are interested and ready to buy but can’t complete the buying process for a variety of reasons like:

Not being able to load the site in their browser
The pages don’t load fast enough to keep them interested; they get fed up waiting
The copy doesn’t quite push them into the buying mood; they’re interested but not convinced
Getting stuck on broken links or pages that direct to the wrong place
The form keeps coming up with an unexplained error and they can’t figure out why
Navigating from page to page isn’t easy and they can’t figure out how to buy
We can help you solve all these problems– and more– making your user’s journey from initial site visit to sale utterly effortless.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping lets us know where your visitors are clicking on your website and create the acohesive idea of how they’re navigating from page to page (or if they’re clicking away too quickly). We can use this information to analyze what the user wants from your site and optimize their experience to match what they’re looking for.

Website User Behavior Analysis and optimization

If you want to know how to make your website work better, you need to find where the user experience is breaking down. We analyze your current website traffic to find out where your users are coming from, how long they viewed each page, which pages they visited, and where the process of conversion fell apart for them– on the landing page? At checkout?Your contact page? With this data, we can make the user experience more seamless and punch up the areas of your site that aren’t holding their attention or converting them to buyers.

Strategic and Effective A/B testing

What works beautifully for one website will crash horribly with another, which is one of the reasons most companies resort to split-testing every possible scenario in hopes of finally stumbling into the right combination. That strategy will work– eventually– but you’ll waste a lot of time and money on every single sales page, email, and website you ever create.

We don’t simply “guess”, split testing possible scenarios all day long. We have the tools, islosingthe statistics, and the expertise to make an educated analysis of where your is losingconversions– and what improvements will actually get the conversion rate toincrease.

We use our A/B testing strategically, with expert analyses of your audience, your product,y our company, and your content before we start testing various page elements.

What does that mean, in plain English? Our conversion rate optimization services startwith an exceptionally high conversion rate and trend upward from there. No messing aroundwith microscopic improvements from your so-so conversion rate– we make huge stridesforward immediately, and keep moving on up.


How SEO Services Can Boost Your Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization has become a vital element for any business holder to improve its site traffic. But, there are many individuals who still not understand the importance of effective SEO services. So, for such individuals, this article will help in understanding how SEO Services improve site traffic in an efficient manner.

Keywords: SEO Experts first begin their work by keyword research. After fetching the list of keywords that are widely searched by the individuals in the particular industry, theseSEO Experts start optimizing the site according to the keywords. When your site has content and other elements according to the keywords that are being searched widely than your ranking on the search engine improves.

Backlinks: Through SEO Marketing you don’t just get traffic from search engines but, also from other sites. The best SEO company is one which, expertise in getting backlinks from any industry without many hassles. With enough backlinks, the probability of getting traffic from other sites increases, therefore always look to hire SEO Experts that can get you backlinks easily.

Long-Tail and Locations-Based Keywords: Along with including widely searched keywords, theSEO experts also include long-tail and location-based keywords that further improves the traffic. With such keywords, you get the precise audience on the website which automatically increases the conversion probability. When you specifically want to target audience the location-based keywords get traffic that is specifically searching for something in the particular location. Google can not know about your location and services until you specify them.

Including city and region names further, optimize the site and helps the search engine in listing your website in a precise manner. The overall aim to improve traffic on your website is to improve the conversions and with the precise audience, you get closer to your final aim.

So, if you are looking to gain a competitive edge in the market with efficient results then, opt for efficient SEO services that can help your business grow in the right direction.There are many service providers in the market but, ensure to hire the one who can understand your business and get results.


What Is Off Page SEO Services?

When you opt SEO Services for promoting your website visibility on search engines, it requires both on-page as well as off-page efforts to improve the overall rank. The Off Page SEO package basically works on promotion of a website beyond just design. This helps in pushing the rank of a website higher in the search results. All these activities are performed outside the limitation of your website, which includes Link building, social bookmarking and social media promotions.

Each of the mentioned services holds its own importance and plays a significant role in the overall off-page services. Link Building is basically taking a link to your website from a website which is working in the similar domain in exchange of content or economical benefits. Social bookmarking is putting your website link with useful content on various platforms which share similar interests. Whereas, Social Media Marketing deals with promoting your website on various social media platforms.

As the competition is increasing at an exponential rate, Off-Page SEO Services holds vital importance. A website which is high quality and useful is more likely to have references from other websites and mentions on different social media platforms. Further, it is also likely to be bookmarked and shared in different communities among the users with similar interests. Therefore, Off-page SEO services work in improving the overall reputation of the website in an effective manner.

Benefits Of Off-Page SEO?

A successful off-page SEO strategy will generate a list of benefits but the most important is the higher rank in the SERPs which eventually lead to more traffic. Improvement in PageRank is another byproduct of a better SEO strategy. Eventually, off-page SEO efforts give more exposure to your website through more links, visits, and mentions of social media platforms. These services are not time limited and should be continued without any significant halt.

So whenever, you are looking to buy a basic SEO services package, make sure the service provider is offering Basic Off Page SEO package embedded in it. Today Infotech SEO Services are designed in such a manner that even our standard seo services package also include off-page strategy. We know the importance of all the factors that play an important role in improving your website’s visibility on search engines and therefore, always offer competent package that can suit your business in an effective manner.