Customers are interested in receiving your SMS. Why should they be kept waiting? With SMS, you can keep your consumers pleased, and your business is thriving.

The way in which we communicate and absorb data is changing at a breakneck pace. People expect information to be delivered quickly and at their fingertips – literally! Whenever it came to contemporary direct marketing, email marketing used to be the gold standard, enabling you to contact more people faster, even at a cheaper cost than traditional mail. Now, SMS marketing has surpassed email as the most popular way of contact among customers worldwide.

Why Do You Need an SMS Marketing Service?

SMS marketing has indisputable advantages. You might see your customer base and general visibility expand faster than ever before if you use the correct text messaging approach. When you entrust your SMS marketing to our team at Today Infotech, you’ll get unparalleled access to new markets and a stronger capacity to keep the customers you already have.

When you entrust your SMS marketing to our team at Urge Interactive, you’ll get unparalleled access to new markets and a stronger capacity to keep the customers you already have.

Get personal with customers.

The efficiency of extensive customization is combined with the urgency of text messaging in Today Infotech enterprise SMS marketing platform.

Become an SMS subscriber by converting anonymous site visitors. Sync all of your client data to create genuinely personalized communications that motivate people to stand up. Use SMS and email in tandem, effortlessly, so that each customer receives from you on their preferred channel. With two-way SMS discussions, you can even mimic the personalized feel of in-store buying.

information that is really engaging

Because it offers highly interesting content to convince users to opt-in for the message, SMS marketing does have some of the highest open rates of any social media platform. Customers that opt up will receive exclusive discounts and promotions geared for a large subscriber base. Customers can text certain keywords to participate in polls or contests. Online games or quizzes can also generate a lot of interest. Customers will be motivated to connect with a marketing strategy in this way, not just for the short term but also for long-term participation with future efforts.

Make each conversation unique.

Updates, meeting reminders, tailored content, promotional deals, and more may all be segmented and sent. Depending upon their interactions with your business, select an audience. To most successfully develop a rapport with your brand, every messaging must be personalized according to client groups. You can, for example, address the buyer by name to make your message more memorable.  It’s critical! We personally identify information such as a client’s name and date of birth at todayinfotech in order to send birthday greetings and further personalize messaging. Personalize to connect with a large number of people in unique ways all at once! All of this is only a few mouse clicks away.


SMS Campaign in Bulk

Bulk SMS Campaign is an SMS campaign that uses an untargeted list including over 10,000 phone numbers that are usually purchased. To enhance the efficacy of your SMS marketing strategy, we send bulk SMS to your prospective clients on a regular basis.


Reporting You can only benefit from this data if you have the right tools to organize and analyze it. A good text message marketing provider will provide you with the tools you need to track data like inbound reactions and delivery notifications. The top SMS providers also allow you to trace message carriers and customers who have opted out of receiving SMS messages. Look for services that offer more than just numbers, such as charts and graphs.

Effective Scheduling

The one and the only way to do SMS marketing correctly is to stick to a schedule that ensures better outcomes. Our analytics team is made up of professionals that know how to create a customer profile so that we can figure out what kind of customer is more approachable at what times of the day.

With our most trustworthy and reliable SMS Marketing solutions, you can now relax and focus on providing outstanding service while we handle your interactions and make sure your texts are sent in the correct tone at the perfect time.

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