WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Do you run or use WordPress as your main content management system? Well you’re part of a massive network for WordPress users spanning the globe. In-fact over 60 million websites use this system.

However, all content management systems do have their benefits and negatives associated with them. WordPress, for example, is a target for hackers and regularly WordPress.org are continually having to update their core system to combat new techniques used by hackers. Not only has this but the system relied heavily on plugins which become outdated regularly.

It isn’t all bad news however, our team of experts are able to create custom plugins to work directly with the core function of WordPress. Coupled with our inexpensive support packages of just £80 per month, we are able to keep websites up to date regularly whilst avoiding an easy target by hackers.

If WordPress isn’t providing you with what your business requires, then it may be time to look at moving or to a custom content management system (CMS) or a heavily customised WordPress alternative.

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