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website speed optimization: Want to Increase the ROI of your website? Are you missing something?

All the hard work that you put into building your website, can go waste just because of one thing.

Page speed!

Page speed happens to be the most vital element contributing to the success of a website.

Just be in your visitors’ shoes. How long would you wait for a site to load? You will leave within 3-4seconds. That might happen to your website too, if you don’t take the right measure, at the right time.

So what are the tips to speed up your page speed in 2018?


Icon Orange | Hire Freelancer Seo Experts India Image Optimization

Best way to improve page load speed and optimize your website.

Icon Orange | Hire Freelancer Seo Experts India Enable Gzip compression

Gzip reduces file sizes by 70%. The more your file is compressed, the less the pages take time to load.

Icon Orange | Hire Freelancer Seo Experts India Minification

Remove the redundancy from your file, for eg, white space, comments, or characters. This decreases page loading time.

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