SEO Content Creation

Content is key to optimising a website for Google as it helps enhance its authority. As a freelance SEO consultant, I can help create a targeted SEO content strategy that’s both enriching and engaging.

I will analyse your content across each channel and its placement throughout the customer journey. I then segment your customers, map out their journeys and work with your team to create a content plan.

“Content is king when it’s based on what your target consumer wants to see, hear and read.”

My SEO consultancy services also deliver additional content resources for each project. So, whether you want to develop unique and valuable content on a new website, blog or a section of your site, I can help. This extends to optimising campaign-level content for customers to engage with on social media and increase your brand’s awareness.

One of the key objectives when developing a content strategy is making your customer the focal point. Any content added to a site should be enriching, useful and authoritative to your target audience.

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