Hornsdale Wind Farm

Project Description


Hornsdale Wind Farm is a $900 million project consisting of approximately 100 wind turbines located between 8km and 24km north of Jamestown in South Australia, in the locality of Hornsdale.  Neoen, the parent company based in Sydney required an online presence that would Display its Project’s and goal to the investors, shareholders, interested parties and the wider public. The concept was clear and focusing on renewable energy. Fresh + Green + Modern Design.


Today Infotech designed and developed a simple but effective means to deliver there core values and project goals. The websites main features is to present Green Renewable Energy through its look and feel.


Today Infotech has effectively met the needs of Hornsdale Wind Farm by creating a user friendly site that’s easy to manage and update.

Applied Services

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • WordPress
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