Envoy Hostel

Project Description


Envoy Hostel one of Armenia and Georgia’s Premium Hostel Services required an online presence that reflected their true values, personality and instilled trust with their services and Hospitality,  Envoy Hostel also wanted a simple butt affective website that would be easy and quick to read and understand.

Envoy Hostel wanted a FULL Customised solution to allow a simple and effective way to update the websites information on a daily or weekly basis by non technical staff.


Today Infotech designed and developed a customised solution to incorporate all the features that Envoy Hostel required with full CMS capability to update on the fly by any of non technical Envoy Hostel’s Staff. Hotel bookings, hotel prices, tour prices and tour bookings are just a small part of the features envoy is very pleased with. Ongoing website maintanace and updates help with the sites success and presence.


Today Infotech has effectively met the needs of Envoy Hostel by creating a user friendly site that’s easy to manage and update.

Applied Services

  • Web Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Content Management System
Live Preview