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Onsite Optimisation

On-site optimisation is the process of making your website appeal to both search engines and visitors. SEO Moves reviews, improves and implements positively impactful changes to enhance both the public face of your website and the coding / technical set-up which search engines can crawl.

Google’s search engine will evaluate a website differently to that of a human visitor. For example, Google’s bot can’t evaluate how nicely your website is designed or the true value of your product of service. See our Web Development Leicester page for more information.

By carrying out various on-site optimisation techniques such as;

Adding keywords to URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions
Ensuring each page has unique and descriptive content
Improving content to better content on competing websites
Remove or merge duplicate pages
And many more
You begin to enhance your website and allow it to communicate more effectively with a search engine crawler bot. However, there are cases of over-optimisation which can lead to an algorithmic penalty. If you think you may be under penalty, have an SEO Moves consultant contact you.

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