LMS (Online Library Management System)

LMS (Online Library Management System)

LMS (Online Library Management System): A library management system with barcode includes the following modules-:

Master Admin Features

For books-: All master entry related to books like book status, category, budget, sook subject, publisher,
supplier, type of material

For members-: Member status, category, course, department, designation,
New Book entry with accession number auto generated according to book category

Reports-: Accession register, record count, purchase date wise, title, author, status, subject, rack no wise,

Reports for member-: category wise, status-wise, course wise, department wise, designation wise, case, caste type, fine received, generate barcode for member

Book Circulation: Which includes weekly book issue (with barcode scan), reading room book issue (with barcode scan), book bank issue, (with barcode scan)
Member Master for new member addition, fine received, no dues checking, a reminder

Upcoming Features

OPAC For online public access catalog:-
book search option using all possible options
Member search option using all possible options
Issue return search


Highly Flexible
Highly Secure
Low Cost
Fast Response Time
Billing Management
Smartcard Technology
Risk Reduction
Inventory And Stock Management
No Filling Errors
No Inventory Costs
Web-Based Application
Seamless Communication
Zero Data Redundancy
Complete Reports

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