Freelance SEO Services

Freelance SEO Services

Freelance SEO Services: Digital Marketing Consultant, 16+ yrs experience working w/startups & global brands in e-commerce, mobile apps, consumer products, tech. I Create, Curate, Communicate & empower businesses to grow their brand online, through strategy, content, social media & community building.

My Expertise

The Areas of My Expertise. Paid media ( PPC – Adword and Facebook, CPM, CPC , CPS , CPA ), Search media ( SEO, SEM , L-SEO ) , Social media ( Facebook marketing, Instagram, twitter, youtube marketing), online reputation Management (ORM), Inbound content marketing, Affiliate marketing- Sales network marketing development

Skills I have
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Content creation
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing
  • SEM / SEO
  • Remarketing
  • Social media
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • PPC
  • Campaign management

Digital Marketing Crab an award winning SEO company in UK  . I provide solution for people who need SEO but don’t know how to get started. I have over 5 years of experience in digital marketing, Technical SEO and PPC. I’ve worked with many UK  and India based best known companies of all shapes and sizes, from one-man bands to global giants. In every SEO project I’ve worked on, I’ve never failed to deliver results from improve rankings, grow traffic and build online revenue. And I also write about Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Social Media on blogs such as hackernoon, e27, Yourstory, SEO Answer, search engine Journal and many well-known technology and digital marketing blogs. My mission always works less. Accomplish more live life on your terms. I make this possible only for you with my power of true focus. I help businesses truly work smarter, not harder. “I call myself SEO Geek Yes, I am a Geek. But I am a Geek who UK  can help make you more Money. In sort, I love helping my clients unlock their search position and get high position or boost their conversions

SEO Expert UK

You landed here because you need a SEO expert in UK  like me or you are looking for a UK  based SEO consultant. Right! You made an amazing decision to come here because you would not have to look any other unexperienced guy. Before I show why you are loving to work with me. Let me tell you why SEO is best Marketing tool.

Why SEO is better than all other Marketing:

There is no best and affordable way to market your business online than SEO. If you know any other tool better than SEO please share with others. Sharing is caring! SEO is an evergreen lead generation tool. You just need to rank your website, you will continue to get new leads in the form of customers. Even if you decide to stop the contract with me. Now you are likely wondering, “Who am I?” Just keep reading you know yourself that you are on right page.

Why I am Different from Others

Let me show you few reasons why I am better than others seo agency experts.
1.I am expert in SEO or I only do SEO: Unlike other “seo experts or seo companies, I am specialize in search engine optimization. I proud of myself on not being the Yelp of marketing services. I believe that focusing 100% of my effort on SEO stand me out of crowd.
2.I use this tool to grow my own business: There are “Digital Marketing” Expert in UK  that get all their leads from direct calling, thousands of spamming emailing and paid advertising. This is ludicrous. I am a men’s of words that “walks the walk” not just “talks the talk” because I get my all seo leads from organic search.
3.SEO in my DNA: I live and breathe seo science I specialize in. There isn’t anything that I don’t know or that I am not test. I love and live it every day.
4.I have real Results: I have ranked hundreds of keywords which are top on google first page. Even I am also rank on google first page on “seo expert UK  ” but, that doesn’t excite me as much as watching my clients get results.
5.I use a proven System: While some other digital marketing experts believe in use all tricks and technique just like throwing at the wall. I use systemized strategy for getting results. All SEO strategy are white hat. I believe in working for users not for search engine. When you work for users search engine work for you because the ultimate goal of search engine to deliver best result to its uses.
6.I know the importance of Communication: I will never leave you in the dark about my term and condition of working. I believe that clear communication is the key to the success of your business. That means you will never have to worry about the results and working with your site.
7.Famous people Trust me: Hundreds of clients land on my website and blog every day to learn how to increase website rank, how to increase traffic. I have featured on various blogs like.
I hope you know that why I am differ from other seo companies inexperienced executives. Now let me show you what I am going to do different for your business.

How I can rank and grow your business website:

There are many ways to rank a website when it comes to SEO. But I just think that my way is the best and only way to rank a website.

Here is what I do:

SEO Audit: I always start with initial seo audit it gives us all the detail that I need about website, business, and industry. The audit will allow us to create a customized SEO proposals for business.
Make Customize solution: I don’t have fixed seo packages they do not work for me because every business is different and has different market and competitor. That’s why I will never offer pre define seo package. I develop a customized package for every different website.

Want to Hire SEO Expert in UK  ?

When it comes to SEO Expert UK  , a list of the myriad experts appears online. In this crowd of SEO experts, how will you opt for a right one who fulfils your expectations? SEO is an ever changing world every day, search engines are undergoing several changes in search Algorithms. These changes have made SEO more difficult to get desired results on search engine result page. Thus, in this situation, only an expert SEO UK  can UK  you to bring your company forward in search engine rankings.

Take Benefit Of SEO Services Right Away?

To get desire result for your online business, hiring an adept Digital marketing consultant is a good idea. If you think SEO is easy and you can use those drowsy Search Engine Optimisation techniques on your own to save your money, then it will not work to improve ranking. Getting top rank in Google is not as easy as you think. For achieving your goals, you have to spend some money on hiring an SEO Consultant in UK  like Me.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Google is hiring an SEO manager to improve its ranking in Google. Yes, it is true. This will significantly reveal the accent of the SEO or search engine optimization in this prevailing digital wave. As the tide has been converted into the more and more digitized network along with the smartphone epoch, the virtue of the SEO is exponentially increasing with it. Google is becoming smarter day-by-day with the revolution of the pioneer and ingenious techniques. Thanks to the topic modeling and semantic SEO that have made many new approaches and aspects possible that were impossible aforetime. These two factors have compelled Google to think about what it doesn’t want to. Topic modeling and semantic SEO have detected the irrelevant facets and then Google have displayed the most accurate results in accordance with the user query.

Why SEO for Website

In this cut throat ambiance, nothing seems as helpful and fruitful for your business growth as the search engine optimization (SEO) services. It has become the most trustworthy mode among the people as it is the technology which helps keep on adding the natural content to your website and really care for what they present on the website. SEO has prolific benefits corresponding to the individual business and the services. Users will click more on your intellectually optimized web sites. The possibility of getting the more clicks is the appearance of the links to be natural. Whilst searching, if the users get your website, with the natural links and the relevant content on the search engine result page, they will certainly click through and visit your product and if you are fortunate enough, then they utilize your services.

Why SEO is Important for Local Business

Google loves the local business and also likes the people giving the individual results and with the advancement of this trend, the localization of the searches are flourishing day-by-day. Your local business is specifically targeted within a specific area and thus the inhabitants get cognizant about the services through the local SEO. If you have established any business, then it should be endorsed to all the populace. After all, your brand or product is for the individuals. 73% of the google searches are the locally-oriented searches. In the path of establishing the best local SEO strategy for your business, you may face many unusual and unfamiliar terms and factors. Don’t give up. With a bit of the training sessions, you will get the requisite idea of local SEO and will be able to push your website higher in Google listings.

Why choose me as an SEO Freelance in UK

This is the hard-hitting world and each and every organization is competing to rise higher than others. And SEO is the only optimal and influential approach to get reputed and to reach at the peak. Then, why us?

� We proffer you the paramount SEO services not only to acquire the elevated position but to get a reputed name and fame.
� We treat our each customer separately and cater to them the equivalent imperative services.
� Our cracker jacks are apt enough to handle even the worsened situation and assist you to tackle that predicament effectually by providing you the most optimistic and cut-throat solution.
� Our work speaks for themselves<
� We prefer the customer-satisfaction very first.

Our The best SEO Process

Website Analysis:

It is a paramount tool to analyze the website. If you are executing the SEO campaign, it can tell you how well it is working and will assist you with the amending of the iffy areas. Links, web content, traffic volume, keywords are some of the elements that are checked during the website analysis.

Competitor Analysis:

It is divided into two primary activities. First is obtaining information about your competitors and then utilizing that fruitful information to predict the competitive’s behavior. This is very lucrative in determining the competitor’s strategies and planned activities.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a critical component for the search engine optimization as when used correctly. It provides a road map for both the design and the execution of building websites and developing the content. Without knowing about the keywords, you are unable to initiate your SEO campaign

SEO Strategy Formulation:

Our simple SEO strategy formulation encompasses the miscellany of the great web content, credible links and social signals. Don’t ever endeavor to initiate your SEO campaign without the appropriate strategy. Whilst this process, our cracker jacks draw our eyes, deliver the clicks and convert the visitors into on-going business and the clients.

Search Engine Friendly Design:

To survive in this content-smogged and the digital world, formulating your website according to the SEO friendly factor is the most lucrative element. The images, javascript and Flash, frames, Crawlability and splash pages are some of the cardinal components to be focused during the designing of the website in accordance with the search engine.

Search Engine Optimization:

1. Local Search Optimization:

According to Google, 73% of all online activity is related to local searches. Mostly, customers turn to local search about the businesses available in their area and evaluate what and which companies they would like to patronize.

2. Monitor and Adjust:

We monitor and adjust the risk management programs to ensure the impeccable fit for the probable changes that might occur tomorrow. It is quite possible that what works today won’t the next day.

3. Reporting:

Yes, we create and maintain reports. Reporting services encompass a complete set of tools for you to create, manage and deliver reports and APIs. These include services that assist you create, deploy and manage reports for our clients and the organization.

4. Maintenance:

It is requisite to retain your website up-to-date and looking as professional as you are. We comprehend this aspect personally and in accordance with our client’s requirements. Plus the maintenance of other components is also as indispensable as the website design.

Our SEO Services in UK

Guaranteed SEO Service:

Google has a 90% search share and we, employing the legitimate guidelines of the Google, grant you the paramount SEO solutions and services. We guarantee you to rank your website on the first page of your Google. Customer complacent is our foremost motto.

Express SEO Service:

Our express SEO services engrave all the legitimate techniques that will significantly assist you in granting you the express SEO services to make you subsist in this hard hitting ambiance. Our integrated solutions are apt enough to make your website robust enough to stand in the digital market.

Low Cost SEO Service:

Our competent professionals have already known the virtue of a business and its longevity in this hard-hitting market. So, we have provided you all the effective and enduring SEO solutions that are in synch with your budget plus your treasured time.

Local SEO Service:

The time has altered and so as the span of time. Now, the customers have the full focus on the local searches and the mobile directories. We deliver the best and most effectual outcomes in the form of our work. Your website will acquire the maximum visibility on the search engine result page.

Global SEO Service:

Being locally optimized is the first step to the global SEO. Our digital marketing experts are competent in all the SEO solutions varying from the local SEO to the global. We ponder each matter separately and will open the door for you to reach at the peak.

E-Commerce SEO Service:

E-commerce or electronic commerce is the most sturdy way to drive the maximum traffic towards the website in this ambiance. If you have a website, then it ought to be cognizant. We deliver you the paramount e-commerce strategies that will assist you to tackle all the probable challenges in your path.

ORM Service:

ORM or Online Reputation Management is the most comprehensive tool that can be proved very efficient for any project. We provide the outstanding tons of approaches for query executions, paging, transactions, session metadata and much more.

PPC Service:

: Pay Per Click service, though an old digital marketing strategy, but still has a tremendous effect on the search engine results. Our PPC services are focussed on search, display and mobile network advertising as offered by Google and other social networks.

Video SEO:

None other than the visual representation or the moving pictures, i.e., the video is the most apt way to express your matter. We know the value of your time and that’s why our videos are short but have all the attributes and important elements of the SEO solutions.

Mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO is the present and the future of the SEO. Today, people prefer the mobile ad other handheld devices, rather than the desktops. We have optimized your website to be fully compatible with the mobile OS platform and make it more facile to navigate and to surf.

National SEO:

National SEO is the interface between the local SEO and the international SEO. It is the second and lucrative step to make your website endorsed at the national niche. We assist you in granting you the best strategies to survive at this grand level.

International SEO:

International SEO is the quintessential phase of the SEO procedure. We have formulated an optimized your website so as to breathe in the international districts effectually with the flag raised higher.

Technical SEO:

URL, code, indexes, tracking are some of the constituents of the technical SEO. It covers the imperative chunk of SEO. Employing the ethical white hat techniques and all the technical elements, we will deliver you the excellent mode to elevate in this cut throat ambiance.

Content Writing:

Content is the foremost important chunk of the website. A visitor or the spectator gets attracted towards your website perceiving its content. It should be unique and most relevant to your subject. Our content writers are skilled and proficient enough that they write the content in harmony with the contemporary modes

Link Building:

Link Building or the off-page optimization technique is the oldest and efficient tactic. We have applied the rational and effective link building techniques and get the prolific organic links to your websites.


SMO or social media optimization is the procedure to magnetize the audience through the social media channels. This is the most prominent way and we proffer you the optimal techniques to make your website sprinting in the social channel.

SEO Freelance in UK

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Is your website in an identical situation on web? Then, it is the damn righteous time to make people hear about your website. I am the optimal SEO Freelance in UK  bestowing you all the condign and imperative SEO services that are essentially required to subsist in this hard-hitting environment. SEO is like a football game, either hit or miss. We concede all the positive and negative parameters related to the modern SEO and then accordingly deliver the optimum upshots. Our full focus is to increase your ROI and add the right value to your business at the most appropriate time.

Professional SEO Expert UK

The more you learn, the farther you will proceed.. Our cracker jacks keep them always up-to-date with the pioneering SEO updates and then adopt the condign step to face the challenges. This is the competitive world and each and every individual is struggling to survive in this ambiance. We, at Aarif Habeeb & Co, are the established firm granting you the most reliable and optimum SEO solutions to make your website endorsed in this ambiance. We compel Google to recognize your website and make your website rank higher on the search engine result page. You can check our reviews and testimonials from our credible clients. Plus, we do not forget to audit the entire website meticulously in the eventual phase.

Best Digital marketing Expert in UK

SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing, Press Release are some of our efficacious digital marketing techniques. We are the best Digital marketing expert in UK  with the years of excellence in delivering the proficient SEO services. Our experts have the profound knowledge of all the ground breaking SEO tactics. Google will yell about your brand to the outside world, we will assure you this will happen in the near future. So, bid goodbye to all negative aspects and welcome all the positive and profuse SEO constituents that will boost up your business with the effective web presence.

Content Writer in UK

As an Expert Freelance content writer in UK  I have the experience and expertise write unique content that help to improve your company’s rankings, visibility, and bottom line.

Why Hire a Content Writer in UK

Why should you make the investment in hiring a content writer? The answer is a simple one: I am UK  based SEO and content writing Expertand having the 3 year of experience, expertise, and resources to get you the digital marketing results you want in less time. I’ll boost your brand’s visibility and improve your company’s bottom line via content marketing.

You can trust over me and I will provides you quality content that you can trust.

PPC Expert in UK

Hire the Best PPC expert in UK for Instant results and ROI. We are from Google Adwords certified team.