Freelance SEO Consultant Today Infotech

Freelance SEO Consultant Today Infotech

Freelance SEO Consultant Today Infotech: Search engine optimization (SEO) takes a lot of work and contains various layers of complicated methods and tools. I have the Leeds SEO Agency experience to choose the right tools for your projects and to accomplish the goals you have with your online presence. It all happens with good SEO.

White Hat Strategies

The many tools used to get your website the exposure it needs includes the use of keywords, content writing, backlinks, URL structure and page loading speeds. All of these things play a role in attracting new traffic and encouraging that traffic to come back on a regular basis.

Google Page Ranking

Page One of any Google results page is where you want your website to be. That’s where people will see it but in order for that to happen, many different factors come into play. My goal is to take the worry out of that by employing the skills I have to get your pages ranked.

SEO Leeds | Leeds SEO Agency Pages

Webpages look differently to search engines than they do to you or me. That is why it is important to have each page not just user friendly, but they have to be search engine-friendly as well. This requires data that only the search engines see and understand. I can do that for you.

Building Links / Backlinks

The best way to improve page rankings is through a solid linking strategy. This involves linking your pages to those of high ranking websites. It takes time and energy to achieve good links but the dividends this pays makes the extra work worth every step of the process.

Optimisation On-Site

Your website requires a delicate balance that is sorted out through content management. It is through this method that short falls and successes are identified and remedies are implemented to bolster troubled areas. I have extensive experience in this type of optimisation.

Social Media Marketing

Once your website is live we need to let people know about it. One excellent way to reach people is through marketing in social media platforms. This gives you exposure where many of your potential customers spend time online. A well-designed promotion will get you results.

Ongoing Monitoring & Analysis

Although I can do all of these things for your website, I am a firm believer in accountability. Thanks to audits and reporting tools, I can provide you with SEO Leeds reports (Leeds SEO Agency Standard) showing you exactly what is working and what isn’t with your website. I can also tweak the problem areas.

Contact Me – Today Infotech SEO Consultant In Leeds

The internet continues to be populated by new websites daily. This is why yours has to stand out. For assistance with that, call me. I’m Today Infotech and I am a freelance SEO Consultant in Leeds. Let’s get together. The coffee is on me. If you are overseas, reach out to me via Skype.

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