Expert SEO & PPC Consultant

Expert SEO & PPC Consultant

Expert SEO & PPC Consultant : During my near decade in digital agencies and in-house, I have helped a variety of businesses to grow their revenue online. From start-ups and local businesses to established brands, I can leverage online marketing strategies to drive revenue growth. I am also launching an eCommerce startup so you can be assured that I’m constantly testing (and spending my own money) on up-to-date SEO, content marketing and PPC strategies.

Today’s prospects have a strong appetite for good information but more powerful resistance to the so-called “hard sell.” 85% of the purchase decisions today are influenced online. Hence it is important to show value, relevance andconsistency.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach – not just haphazardly posting items to your social media feeds. You need a clear sense of what you need to accomplish and how your content is supposed to move you closer to your objectives and digital marketing strategy.

Types of content we work on:

  • Owned, such as your website and blog.

  • Earned, essentially where others talk about you.

  • Shared, such as community-driven platforms and content.

  • Paid, media where you pay to play.

  • Converged, where everything gets connected again in our integrated perspective


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. It is vital that your company has a strong enough organic presence to feature in those experiences.

There are two ways to make your site appear in search engines; organically and using Paid Search Advertisements (PPC).

Shooting up the rankings organically involves a few essential factors: from link building to your site’s metadata, and site URLs. If you’ve got some dodgy zero value assets, chances are you’ll struggle to reach the eyes and ears of anyone, let alone find anyone to invest in your brand.

PPC places your brand directly in front of who you are looking to target. Ads can target niche audiences who are actively searching for a product similar to yours, but haven’t committed to a brand or company yet.

Using a range of tactics, strong PPC strategy is tailored to cleverly boost brand awareness without seeming gimmicky or annoying — a mistake easily made if left in the wrong hands. Adapting to keyword trends and putting paid backing behind content are just some of the ways we can really big up your brand.

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