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SEO Services Packages

So, you’re interested in SEO services? What makes Today Infotech the best choice for search engine optimization solutions?

Our Unique Advantage

We are the nation’s highest ranked SEO company and we remain 100% Canadian owned.Unlike many SEO providers, we do not require any fixed term contracts and we offer highly customized solutions for companies of all types and sizes. Our expert team of Canada’s top SEO professionals is experienced with search engine marketing and we remain committed to offering the most ethical, white hat SEO strategies available. Our unparalleled services, pricing, and SEO process are backed by countless success stories across a wide variety of industries and we have achieved thousands of top rankings to date.

SEO Packages

Our three main SEO Packages fall under the following headings:

Affordable, Adjustable, Competitive Services

At Today Infotech, we understand that most companies must operate within a limited marketing budget. Online marketing may be a small part of your company’s overall marketing efforts.

We understand that the costs of additional marketing can be a concern for many business owners, whether they are operating a small, medium, or large company.

Our adjustable, competitive, and affordable pricing options are designed to help you create an SEO solution package that is unique to your business’ needs and fits nicely into your company’s marketing budget.

Regardless of your company’s marketing budget, all of our SEO packages are scalable to help you find an SEO solution that gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’!

Online Competition

Doing business online is becoming increasingly competitive. Every day more companies are putting their businesses online and increasing the competition for products and services across every industry. It is no longer sufficient to simply construct a website, host it on a server, and sit back in the hopes that your consumers will find your products and services.

Our Flexible SEO Solutions

At Today Infotech, we feel strongly that the benefits of search engine optimization services outweigh the costs. We will work within all sizes of marketing budgets to provide clients with the high-quality search engine optimization solutions that will increase their website’s visibility on the search engine’s results pages. We will implement an SEO strategy that is specifically designed for your company to convert a higher percentage of website visits into tangible product sales. Regardless of your company’s size, target markets, and product offerings, we can tailor an SEO package to fit your unique needs!

Experience, Commitment, and Dedication

We have been providing the best search engine optimization services in Canada for over a decade and we have experience working with companies in many different industries. No two businesses are alike and, thus, no two search engine optimization strategies should be exactly the same. Our team of SEO experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your competitive environment, allowing them to determine the level of continuing effort that will be required to maintain your company’s top ranking with every major search engine. At Today Infotech, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the maximum return on their investment into our search engine optimization services.


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